View Full Version : US Cryhavoc Bonechewer 4/12 ICC HM

03-08-2010, 01:33 PM
We are currently considering exceptional applications for all classes. However we have particular need for the following:

Hunters: HIGH
Warlock: Medium
Holy Paladin: Medium

We require account approval on our forums. If you wish to submit an application immediately please message Abev (or anyone in game to let me know) and I will activate your forum account.

If you feel you have what it takes and the drive to be part of a focused high-end guild, we are looking for you. CryHavoc is not interested in filling the gaps with slackers or freeloaders, weíre looking for a few great raiders.

Our goal is to fill our raids with players who WANT to raid. We want players who can push the limits of their class, players who are ultra observant of their surroundings and can precisely react to rapidly changing situations in a raid environment. We are looking for players with brutally pragmatic vision, who regard killing bosses in an organized, efficient, and pleasurable fashion to be as desirable as it is enjoyable. We are looking for players who are respectful and helpful toward those with whom they play. We need players who habitually show up for raids on time and fully prepared (with consumables AND knowledge of encounters), not only because itís doing your part for progress, but also because you realize itís respectful to your guild mates.

CryHavoc is an *endgame guild*. Our objective is to conquer all endgame content in WoW. We have maintained a consistent raiding guild for several years pushing through 3/4 of Naxx before the Burning Crusade. Our raid schedule is relaxed compared to other high-end guilds. We ask for just 16 hours a week to do what some need 20+ hours to accomplish because we value quality over quantity in our raids and in our roster. We raid from 7pm server time to 11pm server time, Sunday through Wednesday.

If you think you are the player we need, and you are ready to be part of a guild that expects what you expect out of its members, visit our forums at http://www.cry-havoc.us.

Raid Times

CryHavoc raids a consistent schedule of 4 days a week. The days and times are as follows:

Sunday - 7 until 11 PST
Monday - 7 until 11 PST
Tuesday - 7 until 11 PST
Wednesday - 7 until 11 PST

Transfer/Server Information

Bonechewer is a PvP server on the Reckoning Battlegroup.

Expected Performance

All applicants should exhibit exceptional skill and be well versed in the mechanics of the class they play. Our main focus during raid times is efficiency and preparation which will result in competent game play and a friendly environment. Part of this efficiency is required primarily due to the fact that we raid fewer hours a week than a lot of guilds. It is important to prepare for each fight and use all the available consumables to better the success rate of our raids.


Due to current raid drops gear is not a major barrier. However, the gear you have should be gemmed, enchanted, and appropriate for your class. It is up to you to make yourself the best you can be outside of raids.

CryHavoc's Guild Philosophy

We seek to add members who will mesh well with our guild. Applicants may meet every other criteria that has been mentioned and still lack the one thing that matters the most. A respectable and friendly attitude is a must and can help ensure that your application is taken seriously. We aim to help applicants during the recruitment process by asking simple class questions in order to see how they react. So please understand that we will treat you with the utmost respect if you do the same. Remember you are applying to us.