View Full Version : US <H> Evolution Recruiting for 25 Man ICC on Borean Tundra

03-08-2010, 12:12 PM
Evolution is a new guild reformed on the Borean Tundra Server. Our members all have previous raiding expierence in raiding from vanilla WoW up until current content. Currently we have a solid 10 man raiding team 5/12 ICC and are looking to expand to more 25 mans.

What we look for in members: We are looking people that are willing to show up for the majority of raids on time and prepared. We come prepared and on time to raids we expect others to as well. We are looking for members that know there class and are always willing to learn more about there class and the encounters we are on, it is a team effort if you can help we are all for it. Gearscore does not matter if you are willing to learn and improve the gear will come and we have no problem getting people gear.

Currently Recruiting: (Level of Need)
Holy pally-Low
Holy Priest - Medium
Shadow Priest -High
Feral Druid -High
Warlock -High
Death Knight Tank-High
Rogue -Medium
Prot Warrior- Medium
DPS Warrior-Medium
Prot Pally-Low
Enh Shaman-Medium
Resto Shaman- Medium
Ret Pally-Medium
Exceptional players will be accepted regardless of class so feel free to apply

We raid Wed, Thurs, and Sundays from 830pm to 11 pm server time.
If interested you can PST or send in game Mail to Juggur, Riso, or Totempole or apply online at