View Full Version : EU [A] Silvermoon, <ResetGamingClan> Recruiting Raiders for ICC 25

03-08-2010, 05:25 AM
RGC is a guild of progress minded raiders aged 18-35, raiding ICC 25 on 3 Weekdays (Wed/Thu/Fri, from 8-11.30 Server time) and ICC 10 on Weekends. Recruiting for fun, mature, and skilled players to join our raids and community. Established for 4 years, this is an excellent opportunity to join us as we have recently Migrated Servers to Silvermoon and are quickly building a strong team. We also have spots open for Casual players who want to raid less formally and chat on our vent and site forums, with view to joining our 25 Man Core Team when places become available.

Check out www.resetgamingclan.com (http://www.resetgamingclan.com) for more information on us, and apply online or drop "Ssorn" a whisper ingame.

Thanks for Reading.