View Full Version : US Detheroc [H] <Tripolar> Recruiting Late Night Raiders for 10m ICC and Cataclysm

03-07-2010, 11:49 PM
[H] <Tripolar> on the US-Detheroc server was formed by several friends committed to developing a strong, 10 man raiding core capable of clearing content in Cataclysm quickly in order to focus on hard modes and achievements. Recruiting is open to all classes. You can submit an application on our website at http://tripolarguild.com After reviewing your app, we sometimes also ask to have a brief, informal interview on Ventrilo. Until the expansion is released, we will be running one 10 man group in ICC. Our current raiders have at least 7/12 experience. Raid times are the same as on the Detheroc server (Central Standard Time).







Our plan is to take the time needed to find skilled players who will raid with us until the end of WoW. If you would like to find out more information, then feel free to send a tell to either myself or Sulfite in-game. A minimum gear score is not required. We value consistent effort and the ability to quickly learn more than your character's average item level. Here are a few other attributes we look for in our raiders:

- Dedication to raiding with the guild long term, through Cataclysm and beyond.
- Ability to play all different specs of your class at a high level.
- Ability to accept constructive criticism and then integrate it.
- Show up prepared (sufficient number of flasks, potions, food buffs, etc.)
- Attendance and punctuality are extremely important due to our 8 hour per week schedule.
- Exhibit a positive outlook and show respect towards other guild members.
- At least 18 years old (some exceptions are permitted on an individual basis).
- Both Ventrilo and a working microphone are required.