View Full Version : US [H - Thorium Brotherhood] The Dead Rabbits recruiting for ICC Raids

03-07-2010, 06:23 PM
We are currently opened our ranks for people intrested in raiding with us. We are focused on 25-man ICC raid content, with several 10-man ICC raids inbetween. The Dead Rabbits are a fun, mature (18+) raiding guild. Our raid times are Wend-Friday and Sunday from 8pm ST to 10-11pm ST for 25mans.

We are looking for the following classes:

DeathKnights - Low
Druids - High (Feral, Tank, Resto)
Hunters - Low
Mages - Medium
Paladins - Closed
Priest - Medium (Disc, Shadow)
Rouges - Low
Shamans - High (All Specs)
Warlocks - High
Warriors - Low
*We will consider any app who can meet minimum requirements.

Please apply at our website, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact myself, Myrrin or Ludax.


And as always please remember that joining willl ressult in the loss of your DEHTA membership.