View Full Version : US [H - Hyjal, PvE] <Demise> Recruiting DPS and Heals

03-06-2010, 01:32 PM
<Demise> is based around the idea of having a casual raid schedule, with raid days being Tuesday and Wednesday from 7 server (PST) till 10, yet still taking a serious approach to our raids. With maximizing our raid times it allows us to enjoy other parts of the game such as PvP, achievements/drakes, or anything else.

Many of our core members date back to Vanilla, bringing a large scope of experience and skill. While still being serious end-game raiders, but no longer the time to donate to a 5 day a week schedule, <Demise> was formed in Sept.09. Current progress is 7/12 ICC25.


Currently we have room for 2 DPS (melee preferred) and 2 healers. Ideally, our largest need is Ret Pally and a Holy Priest, but past that we have good raid balance so quality of the player is what we really look for.

Recruitment Process:

Please visit our website @ http://demise-hyjal.guildlaunch.com and apply in our recruitment forums, or browse around to learn more about us, how we raid and we are the right home for you.

If you would would like to talk to an Officer in game, get in touch with: Nasilan, Meanandgreen, Erestor, Neflar or Valtrexman