View Full Version : EU Recruiting Healers - Temple of Bachus - Nordrassil-Horde

03-05-2010, 01:46 PM
Temple of Bachus is a 25-man raiding guild focused on end-game content. We are presently 10/12 on ICC25 and 11/12 on ICC10 (we run 10mans on off-raid nights). Our focus at present is to progress through to the heroic sections of ICC.

The guild has a friendly atmosphere but all members are focused on raid progress. Raids are from 20:00 server time to 23:00. 25man days are Wednesday, Thursday, Monday with 10mans filling the off-nights.

We are in particular need of healers at the moment with a good roster of tanks and dps. We are happy to consider any class - we look for the player to be mature, focused and contribute in a positive way to the overall guild atmosphere. You should share our desire to progress and be able to attend at least 2 of the 25man nights.

More information can be founds on www.templeofbachus.tk (http://www.templeofbachus.tk) - of course people can come and speak to one of the officers if more info is needed - just /w Delaluz, Metalbreaker or Sweetsuger.