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03-05-2010, 04:44 AM
You can find a guide to the normal version of this encounter here (http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.php?61046-Icecrown-Festergut)!



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Welcome Back to tankspot's Icecrown raid guide, My name is thegreatme and in this video I will be discussing our strategy for the heroic 25 man version of Festergut. This video will not be discussing certain aspects of the fight and will assume that you know how the normal mode version of the fight works. If you would like to learn more about the other boss abilities I suggest you watch the normal mode strategy guide.

The main difference between normal mode and hard mode for festergut is that now putricide will periodically use the ability malleable goo, which works exactly the same as it did in the putricide encounter. Only one goo is thrown at a time, and it is always thrown at a specific player, however you can not target putricide so there is no way of know exactly where it is going to go before it is thrown. malleable goo's will bounce approximately twice before hitting the ground and exploding. if you are within 10 yards of where the goo landed you will get a debuff that slows casting and attack speed by 200% for 15 seconds. The DPS requirements for this fight are rather strict and your raids ability to dodge goo will usually be the determining factor of whether you get a kill or not once you get the other mechanics down.

Healers should not stack up in melee like they did on normal mode because doing so not only increases the likely hood of there being a goo thrown at the melee, but it would make it so that all of the healers are moving at the same time, which would cause a wipe because there is simply too much damage going out to allow for that.

ranged and healers should position them selves on the sides of the room between festergut and putricide. A few people should also stand directly in between putricide and festergut, though these people should either be warlocks so they can teleport when a goo is thrown at them, or simply other people with faster reaction times. ranged should not stand behind festergut because doing so will cause unnecessary melee movement. healers should be positioned so that there is never a time where all of the tank healers or all of the raid healers are moving at the same time.

Melee should all stack up on one of festerguts legs and when ever a goo is heading for the melee clump they should all move to the other side of the hit box. keep in mind that malleable goo can be thrown at the tank so if that happens make sure you are at the max hit box range.

When spore's go out it is important to make sure that you position the spores in a line so that there is one spore between the door and festergut, one directly under festergut, and one between festergut and the west wall of the room. ranged spores should make sure that they have a decent amount of room between them and the wall during the spore because putricide will usually throw down a malleable go while everyone is clumped up for spores. if the goo is thrown at the melee melee should dodge it like they usually dodge goo. If the goo is thrown at the ranged that group of ranged should all immediately run away from festergut, meaning towards the nearest wall. Melee should note that if the tank or the person with spore gets targeted for malleable goo it is likely that you will get hit by it. unless you have some sort of cooldown that will prevent you from dying to pungent blight, it is more important to get inoculated than it is to dodge the goo. We had our paladins aura mastery shadow resistance aura during the spore before the first inhale because the raid will be massive amount of raid damage and both the spore debuff and the gaseous blight is partially resistible.

Once festergut does his third inhale tanks should immediately start rotating their cooldowns starting with their shield wall like cooldowns. just before this cooldown fades another one should be used. in addition to calling out on vent for a cooldown it is a good idea for healers to set up power auras or buff frames that display cooldowns currently on their target, and the duration of those coolodowns so they can make sure that the tank is never hit with out having a strong cooldown up during this stage.

If for some reason a person does not have 3 stacks of inoculated during the third inhale a priest should put a shield on them, usually this will allow that person to survive but it can be hit and miss, so it should not be relied on. if a player with some sort of personal survival cooldown does not have 3 stacks of inoculated they should be using said cooldown for that pungent blight. Paladins should be using raid walls during the pungent blight in order to help soften the blow of the first few ticks of gaseous blight.
Hello and welcome to the TankSpot Icecrown Citadel Raid Guide! My name is Aliena and in this video I'll cover everything you need to know about the heroic mode 10-man version of the Festergut encounter. I will assume that you're familiar with the normal version of this encounter. If you're not, I suggest first watching our guide to the 10-man normal mode to learn about Festergut's base abilities.

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As in most other hard modes fights, Festergut's health has greatly increased. He now sports 13.7 million instead of his usual 9.5, so you're dealing with a 44% health increase. His enrage timer on the other hand stays the same, so this presents a much tougher DPS race.

Naturally, every ability of his deals more damage to your raid also. Especially noteworthy in that aspect is Gaseous Blight before any Inhales - it inflicts almost double of what it does in the normal version, approximately 5k per pulse. Coupled with high tank damage and random damage inflicted by Vile Gas and Gas Spores, this means you might have trouble getting away with less than 3 healers. As per usual, this fight also requires 2 tanks, so you're left with 5 DPS to beat the enrage.

The only actual mechanic change Festergut has received will become visible to you straight away - up on a balcony all by his lonesome, Professor Putricide will appear and regularly toss Malleable Goos at your raid that inflict about 10k damage on top of a mean slow debuff. Your ranged raid members should be spread throughout the room, so it should be easy for them to see any goo balls coming their way and to move a couple yards, but in case they don't, it might be a good idea to have a raid member call out where the ball is going to land.

As for your melee team, they should just move as a unit from one of Festergut's feet to the other whenever a goo ball is headed their way. It's definitely a good idea to call out melee goo balls since they tend to be... challenged by having to move. We also typically have one or two healers stack up with the melee so they can't be afflicted by Vile Gas.

Avoiding goos is crucial as you'll start lagging behind either in DPS or healing if your raid consistently get hit by goos.

Another thing you should be aware of is that Pungent Blight inflicts significantly more damage than in the normal version, so surviving it without 3 stacks of inoculated will be tough for some classes, especially clothies. If at all possible, you want to absolutely make sure that every raid member is within range of a gas spore when they spawn.

Lastly, tank damage is atrociously high after Festergut acquires 3 stacks of Inhale Blight, so you'll want to keep cooldowns handy at that point.

Good luck and have fun!

Thank you for watching this movie. As always, feel free to ask questions or add suggestions either on YouTube or in the strategy thread on TankSpot.com. Also, TankSpot Donors can download all of these movies in High Definition directly from our servers -- so if you'd like to learn more about that, just click the second link in the movie information box!

03-06-2010, 06:43 AM
Whats your Name at Xfire Aliena? I want to see some Streams :)

03-09-2010, 02:00 AM
Sorry if this has been answered or explained somewhere else.... But Aliena....why do you ALWAYS have an open ticket while recording your movies!? I must know.

03-09-2010, 06:05 AM
What debuff does the ooze Putricide throws do?

You said something along the lines of "If you do not move out of it, you'll get a nasty debuff"

03-09-2010, 07:44 AM
What debuff does the ooze Putricide throws do?

You said something along the lines of "If you do not move out of it, you'll get a nasty debuff"

I think that is the same as you get in Putricide phase 2, the goo he throws out will increase your cast times with 300%, if they hit you.

04-09-2010, 04:07 PM
Our guild got him last night in 2 attempts.. We used 2 healers 2 tanks and 6 dps, and were close on the enrage timer. However 3 of our dps being melee got hit with goo at least once each, we also had a death to pungent blight as the goo prevented one player from collecting the spore.

04-28-2010, 12:32 PM
Doesn't it make more sense to have the ranged as far away from Prof as possible? That is what we did for our kill last night. It gave the ranged more time to react to the malleable goo. So when you enter the room we had ranged go left and spread out from there.

12-01-2010, 12:57 PM
Well today is Dec 1st 2010, the new patch just came out and I am not happy. I know everything is supposed to be balanced for 85. But I also came late into the game as did some of my friends. So we are still working on HM. In the past few weeks we have gone into Fester and somewhat a difficult time downing him but none the less we were still able to do it.

We tried last night, and it was like both our tanks were getting hit with a train followed by a mack truck. Healers who in the past could do it now can not. We even decided to 2 heal on the tanks and was having no luck. Now mind you these guys are not lame healers, skilled and know their classes quite well.
DK tank has 25% Dodge, 73k HP, and about 26k Armor. Which is me, I was constantly watching my health and the whole time no matter how hard we tried I was constantly near 10-15%. Yes sometimes my health would jump up from a large heal but it would just fall back down again.

Has anyone had the same problem as well with this fight? (Tanks getting hit with mack trucks)

12-01-2010, 03:01 PM
you guys just need to learn your classes again a bit, and maybe reforge some gear. it's not the end of the road man.

12-01-2010, 06:00 PM
Well considering we just 9 manned this fight last week, 1 person had to log. Same people, same set up. We shouldn't have had no problem. I honestly think it was a fluke and we had bad luck that Fester was just OP for some reason.
My guys are skilled, and we all have worked very well together. All the other fights we did before that and after we had no problems with.

12-07-2010, 06:20 AM
frustrated i am...maybe im really not that good ...im pretty sure i can handle heroic but some ppl actually most ppl on my real say heroic icc is way different than normal and by watching the videos...it seems just the same but more health and the professor throws balls down...you knowthis whole time i thought i was wrong and maybe they're right its too hard or way different but it is as easy as i think some ppl are just lazy...too lazy to explain or too impatient to wait for ppl to watch a video...icc is easy enough as it is...but these ppl that im tlaking about really take the fun out of the game for me.

12-07-2010, 06:36 AM
i usually tank ..becasue theree arent many tanks on my realm ...to lpug anyway...but i do dps too....on my realm and compared to those i see i do pretty good but compared to these tankspot guys and stuff im sure im not good or great my dps would be low....i did about 10k plus on the BLood Queen that was my best...well it's 8:25 am Tuesday Cataclysm day....i guess im going to go buy it...use the dungeon finder to lvl to 85....probably get alot of bad groups because ppl just wanting to experience the new content....Maybe i am just a bad tank idk..but i dont lose aggro ..i do icc i just seem like i get 2-3 ppl that want to be carried every week....carry and get carried i guess..i like getting carried..less work for me.....but well yes...i m pretty sure i can handle heroic tanking or dpsing...grouping with knobs and ppl who just wasting ppls time is extremely exhausting..should i join a raid guild?...ive done guilds they didnt work before...maybe i just dont fit in the WOW community....i'll give an example of how things go and you can say if it happens to you....we did icc the other day and i myself have most success against PP and sindragosa....2 of the funnest fights in there for me...so we took forevr on Putricide because these 2 girls just seemed like they were more interested in cruising for dick then playing...and trying to lead the raid when they werent leader...anyways....so i say ok ..ill tank the boss or she wanted to do the Abomination....i was better at tanking PP so we finally downed him after some replacments were made....and i say we go to Blood Princes and we one shot the next three bosses listening to me...then all of a sudden she wants to be lead again and power trip how shes so good and has downed Sindragosa many times tanking....so i tell her to get on her tank...others say it too...she doesn't so anyway we're now stuck with a newbie tank and slacking healers...she wants to be the general..ok princess go nuts...go lovee you but....so of course we spend a good hour=hour and a half wiping on Sindragosa before ppl start getting tired wiping.......idk why i continually get these ppl in my raids...not necessarily her but slackers...baddies? am i as bad as these peeps...idk.... i dont lose aggro...i dont do "horrible" dps not when compared to others on the realm... Bad luck maybe?...i dont like wipes as is but theres nothing more frustrating then wiping on such a simple fight.....and repeatedly to boot....its frustrating feeling im good enough to beat these bosses and even at a higher lvl but get a few nubs in the group...and they wipe the whole thing....it's so common ....im extremely bored so im going to make some more posts thanks for reading:)

12-07-2010, 06:40 AM
lets leave leading to the raid leader

12-08-2010, 07:52 PM
i guess i dont feel like im getting to see how good i really am...no-one pugs heroic...