View Full Version : US [A] PvE Bronzebeard, Angels on Guard is recruiting

03-04-2010, 09:47 PM
About Us

We are an Alliance guild on the Bronzebeard server. We focus on a fun, friendly atmosphere where we help each other and even outsiders. We do high-end raids and end of game instances and are always looking for more casual raiders to get us there and help earn your well deserved progress and loot. We treat each other as family and we even have a few families in our guild as well. When we raid, we keep a serious tone, but we try to have a good time.

What We are Looking For

Our current priorities and classes that will get a guaranteed raid spot are the following:

Balance Druid
Shadow Priest

All have anywhere from 3-8 spots open

Any healer, in particular Pally
Any tanking class

Both have 1-2 spots open


We've gotten up to Festergut in 25-man ICC and are starting to take down Putricide in 10-man ICC. One of our biggest issues is attendance and we feel like we can greatly improve with a few solid recruits.


Our progression raids are on

Tuesday 6:15-9:00 ST Progression
Wednesday 6:15-9:00 ST Progression
Thursday 6:15-9:00 ST occasional progression occasional puggable raid such as VoA and the weekly
Friday 6:15-9:00 ST Progression

Then the weekends we either just complete puggable raids or go back for retro nights.

What We Want From You

Capability- You do not have to be a total expert but please know your class and be able to move out of the fire. Being a competent player increases your chances of getting in every bit.
Maturity- This is absolutely required, no loot whores, if you whine make a formal complaint with an issue and solution. Being respectful to your fellow raid members is key.
TS- Team Speak is requires, we use it instead of Vent since it offers almost no difference but a guild member has had a server up for years now. Talking is not required but please be able to listen.
DBM- Pretty much required, it isn't that it is needed to raid but it is quite helpful and takes so short to download it there is no real reason not to get it.


For loot we simply do a Main Spec roll followed by an Off Spec roll. We feel this is the best system as we have a good core who makes a very high percentage of the raids so we let randomness decide. This system has caused no problems so we stick with it.

How To Apply

To apply simply fill out the application forum on the guild site http://aogguild.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=81290&TabID=700349, the more detail is in your app is the more likely you are to get accepted. All new recruits go on a one month probationary period to see if they are a right fit for the guild, yes you can still get loot as a proby.

If you have a question simply ask an officer in game or you can PM me on Tankspot.