View Full Version : US [A - Mannoroth PvP] - Unscripted, 9 hr/wk raid schedule with competitive progression!

03-04-2010, 05:29 PM
Recruitment needs:

Balance Druid
Feral Druid (DPS)
Elemental Shaman
Priest (Either healing spec preferred)

We currently have 3- 4 openings for the above classes. Exceptions may be made for exceptional players. We are not looking to recruit players to sit outside of the raid; we are looking for serious players who are ready to immediately fill a raid spot with high attendance and perform at a level comparable to our current members.

Who we are:

Unscripted is an Alliance raiding guild on the PvP server Mannoroth. We formed at the beginning of this expansion as a group of progression-minded friends that wanted to form a serious raiding guild with reasonable hours. To that end, our 25 man raid week is 8.5 hours. We are selective about our recruitment, seeking to only add like minded and highly skilled players to our roster to accomplish our goals in that period of time.
We began as a 10 man guild, and have since switched gears to focus on 25 man raiding.
We are an alt friendly guild – well geared alts are welcome to fill raid deficiencies.

Raid schedule:

Server times are EST. Raids do occasionally go longer, but rarely more than an hour over scheduled stop time.
Tuesday: 9pm – 1230am
Thursday 10pm – 1230am
Monday 10pm – 1230am
We have a number of 10 man raids that occur during the week.


We are currently 10/12 in ICC 10 man and 7/12 in ICC 25. We have knocked out every boss in the entry and in Plague Wing, and are beginning on Blood Wing.
Prior to ICC, we obtained Tribute to Insanity in ToGC, Glory of the Ulduar Raider, and have successfully killed Algalon.


As all members of our raid have practically perfect attendance and similar performance, we allow all appropriate main spec raiders a /random roll on drops. The officers reserve the right to loot council specific items for the betterment of the raid as a whole.
We’ve yet to have any sort of loot-related problems: we focus on killing bosses and the loot is an added bonus.

What we expect from an applicant:

Competence – We are not looking for members that need their hands held or instructed on how to play their class. We expect all members to perform at the same level as our other raiders.
Hardware – If your computer has the processing power of an Atari 5600 or your internet connection is so horrible that it prevents you from raiding effectively, this is not the guild for you.
Respect – We foster a positive environment in the guild. We’re not looking to demean or hurt anyone’s feelings, but the language and joking can often get very adult in nature. If you mess up we’re going to call you out on it. We expect all members and leadership to respect their fellow raiders.
Zero Drama – We have a zero tolerance for any drama. We play the game to kick ass and relax; causing excessive drama will quickly result in a guild removal.

The application process:

Application is a two step process.

The first step of the application process is to go to the recruitment forums on www.unscriptedguild.com - there is a recruitment template we ask you to fill out - it's brief and will allow us to better know who it is we are speaking to for step two.

The second step of the application process is a ventrilo interview. If we like what we saw in the application, we will either contact you in game or on the message board with our ventrilo information and arrange a time to speak.

If both parties are a good fit, we will ask you to make the move to Mannoroth and get you raiding right away.

If you have any questions, please contact Macbook, Octain, Lynksys or Cisen in game.