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03-04-2010, 04:01 PM
http://conbrioguild.org (http://conbrioguild.org)


Greetings, potential applicant! Have you been looking for a guild that takes end-game seriously without sacrificing their sense of humor and enjoyment? How about a guild that doesn't mock, insult, or patronize raiders for mistakes? Or perhaps a guild where as a new person, you're automatically considered a part of the family and not excluded as the "new guy"? Oh, you are? Well, read on!

Are you an individual who....

Is a loyal guy/gal who is looking for a long-term home?
Knows that Ur is an ancient city, not a lazy substitute for a word?
Is a competent, competitive, and crazy (sorry, I had to keep the alliteration going!) player, who not only has a full understanding of his/her class, but also keeps up with the latest changes to his/her class?
Is an analytical player, who consistently assesses his/her performance to consistently improve?
Is a self-starter, and doesn't need people to hold his/her hand to get things done? Well, some of us might be convinced to do more than hold your hand; do you have pics?
Is not only able to accept constructive criticism and learn from it, but expects it from his/her guild-mates as a stepping stone to improve?
Is able to sarcastically and subtly mock people without them ever understanding they were just insulted? We're a dying breed, I know.
Has an outrageously good sense of humor?
Is also outrageously good-looking? This is important, especially if you're a man.
Is comfortable with his/her sexuality? Is comfortable with our sexuality?
Is a furry or Asian, or a furry Asian. Look, I don't make the rules around here, so don't ask me; we have some weirdos here.

Are you interested in a guild that...

Recruits intelligently? We don't recruit for bench spots, and personality is as important a factor as is skill/experience!
Draws pictures and does comics instead of posting screenshots of kills? Yeah, we're cool!
Has a diverse and interesting group of people, real people you can actually get to know, instead of voices and pixels?
Is able to convey things in fully coherent English?
Is able to have fun during raids? We joke, make fun of each other, have karaoke, have full conversations in vent text-to-speech bindings, and still get bosses down effortlessly. We know how to have fun, but we also focus when it counts.
Has girls? Which contradicts the rule of there being no girls on the internet, but balances out because they know their place is to make sandwiches.
Has a name that's supposed to be all deep, but has somehow been interpreted as Con Bro? That's right, join us, and you too can bro out with us. We might even call you the next day.

We're particularly interested in recruiting...

1 Tank/DPS Hybrid (preferably of the druid or DK variety)
Ideally, you are a knowledgeable, competitive, analytical player. You should enjoy both tanking and dps, and understand the mechanics behind both specs. You don't need your hand held and you work well as a team. Our standards for tanks are quite high, so be prepared to expand on your class knowledge and answer hypothetical questions relevant to tanking situations.

1 Moonkin or Shadow Priest
We're primarily interested in competitive and aggressive damage-dealers. We want top end numbers and someone who never settles for mediocrity. Ideally, you should be able to hop right in and compete with our top DPS.We're looking to fill core raider spots. Having a dual spec and the gear to play it is a bonus! And even if we're seemingly full or not actively recruiting your class, please don't hesitate to apply- especially if you're a solid player!

About Con Brio

We're a friendly, selfless, fun, goofy, and downright dirty-minded bunch, whose ultimate goal is to balance a guild appealing to both social and progression-minded folks of the game. We have an exceptionally lengthy application/interview process, which helps ensure all members recruited fit our ideals and personalities in the guild. We created this guild after being fed up with our past guilds looking at all members as only a raid spot filled, and the members looking at one another as raid loot/slot competition. We strive to create a guild of individuals that play for one another, not the purples, and a guild that feels more like a group of close friends experiencing content together rather than serious job-like raiding. And as such, we've established a very strong foundation. We're a unique guild with a unique philosophy, and people love it. They play for us, not for themselves, so when the going gets tough, we still remain strong.

Con Brio is a stable and established guild of almost two years. We've had the same leadership from the beginning, have suffered no bouts of drama, our server reputation is respected and untarnished by elitist players or drama, and experience very little turnover. This is our home, not the latest FoM guild for loot-'n-scooting, and we're looking for people like you to become part of our family.

Raid Times

Tuesday - Thursday, 9pm to 12am PST (which is 10-1 server time)

That's nine hours a week, and you're only expected to make two out of the three raids. We have the mentality that if everyone carries his or her own weight, you don't need to raid five, six days a week. Don't waste time, have a fun time doing it.


If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on the forums, or hit me up on AIM/Google Talk/E-mail at Cristyen@gmail.com. Additionally, most raid members should be able to help you with any questions if you whisper a member in-game.