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03-04-2010, 11:26 AM
US [A] Llane <Hammered>
is a 10/25 man (woman) raiding guild looking for reliable, mature, knowledgeable, experienced RAIDERS for ICC. Raid times are Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8pm-11pm EST .
1) 10/25: this is the amount of raiders required to do allotted raid 10 people or 25 people, that means if you don't show up to raid its then a 9 person or 24 person raid please refer to reference"mature & reliable'
2) RELIABLE: means that you will show up at the prescribed time & do what is required. (usually means kill bosses or heal people)
3) MATURE: a person who doesn't piss & moan about not getting loot & then take it out your frustration on others in raid, whine that they had to sit out a boss, can take constructive criticism with out being offended, & can hold a intelligent debate if they disagree with anything. Also means you can drink beer legally in some states or provinces & we don't have to baby sit you. Refer to "knowledgeable & experienced"
4) KNOWLEDGEABLE: means knows the fights that we are doing, keeps up on the latest specs & rotations of the class that they are playing. Can read (Tankspot, calendar & clock), do simple math (add & subtract, division & multiplication is a bonus) refer to "mature, reliable & experienced"
5) EXPERIENCED: means that you know that standing in fire or that green stuff on ground is bad cause you learned that in the other guild you were in. We don't want to teach you it here. Knowing what do do in most situations & encounters because you have raided before & read the strats & watched the videos. Knowing not being repaired, not having your pots & food or showing up late for raids means less time raiding & happier guild mates.
refer to "10/25, reliable, mature & knowledgeable"


1) Tanks: (1) Pally & DK's with dps off spec.
2) Healers: Druid(1) & Holy Pally (1)
3) Ranged DPS: Mage(1), Hunter(1) & Warlocks(2)
exceptional applicants of any class will be accepted

Loot System:
The loot system we use is DKP, applicants will collect DKP for a 3 raid lock out period, in which they cannot bid against a Raider. If item is unwanted by any Raider it then can be bid on by the applicant.
When probation is up they can bid for any item in they're main spec class, no special attention given to officers or GM.

We are currently 4/12 in 25 man ICC & 6/12 in 10 man


on Llane US server whisper Illon or Knives for more information