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03-04-2010, 08:24 AM
Name: Adelante - [Adelante-guild.com]

Server: US-Arthas (EST)

Adelante is an serious guild focused on progression on a 3 day/15 hour raiding schedule.

We have been around Arthas for several years, always on a 3 day schedule. Our philosophy from our first C'thun kill until ICC has always been it is not necessary to raid more than 3 days to be a competitive progression guild. Do not forget this, we are a hardcore guild on a casual schedule. The main reasoning behind our raids has always been skill beats seniority, if you can demonstrate you are better than any one of our raiders you will get in and they will be benched. Do not apply to Adelante expecting to have a comfortable spot on the roster, you won't find one.

We are looking for players who are dedicated and are focused on helping the guild progress through content. We need people who are able to come to every raid 3 days a week, ready to pull and be flasked up. We also need people who are able to take constructive criticism in order to improve their damage, tanking or healing. Applicants must also be able to survive the entire fight by not dying to fires or void zones.

Loot is distributed via a DKP system created in order to ensure fairness and equal distribution of loot. Keep in mind that loot is only a tool in order to progress and the loot distributed helps the guild as a whole.

We require all Raiders to maintain an 80% attendance or higher, if a person does not maintain this requirement, their raid spot will be compromised.

Our Raid Times are

Tuesday: 6PM EST - 11PM EST
Wednesday: 6PM EST - 11PM EST
Sunday: 6PM EST - 11PM EST

Invites will be sent out at 5:45 and will be ready to go by 6PM. The 1st pull should be no later than 6:15. There is a possibility that we may increase raid time if we are making serious progress on a boss, but this is very rare.

Our Icecrown Citadel Progression is Currently:
Lower Spire - Clear (4/4)
Plagueworks - Clear (3/3)
Crimson Hall - Clear (2/2)
Frostwing Lair - (1/2)
The Frozen Throne (0/1)

We are currently seeking:

= Healers:

1 Holy Paladin
1 Exceptional Healer of any class

= DPS:

1 Elemental Shaman
1 Fury/Prot Warrior
1 Death Knight
1 Warlock
1 Exceptional DPS of any class

All applications are looked at and seriously considered amongst officers and exceptional apps of any class will usually be accepted because we believe that you have a chance of taking over the raid spot of our current member. Also, with how the game is in its current state, don't be afraid to apply if your gear is a bit lacking, we will be able to recognize if you are a skilled player that knows your class and may decide to trial you anyway. We believe that one‘s skill is more important than seniority in the guild. If you can walk into one of our raids and do my job better than me, then you have my raid spot.

Gear can be fixed, if the skill is present. However, we cannot know how skilled you are beyond your application. Please take it seriously, it is our only means of judging how well you know your class prior to tagging you. Applicants are encouraged to make an alt on Arthas (if transfering) and get in touch with an officer prior to applying to talk about your potential trial position.

If you wish for your app to be private, you can PM it to Tierax on our forums and he will make sure it gets posted on the Officer Forums and we will keep you updated. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks for your time and interest in Adelante,

Healing Officer Adelante