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03-03-2010, 04:58 PM
So basically, I raid 25mans with my guild as my arcane mage. I have "earnt" a lot of gear apparently but I know personally that I am average at best when it comes to performance. The issue I am having is that I feel so alone with no outside eyes pushing me or guiding me.

We have an officer that is an outstanding mage that pulls 10k+ dps on fester, while I sit at 7k with almost equal gear (only difference is my Abyssal Rune vs his DFO) AND furthermore got lucky with having no vomit. The problem is that I received no criticism on this, no word on what I did wrong or could have done better. I have asked several times if the mage officer could check the combat logs and see if he can find anything, but he just remains silent.

I have tried talking to guild leaders and all I get is wind blown up my ass, things along the lines of "we think you are doing fine, blah blah" and of course referral back to the quiet mage officer. I then try other guildies and its the same crap "Theres nothing wrong with your damage, you are surviving great blah blah".

I am not happy with my gameplay at all, but I need an outside set of eyes that sees my mistakes to speak up. At this point, I may start getting sat from raids due to a handful of new caster apps. My guild often sits ppl silently also without telling why or with no criticism attached. Last time I was sat as a healer, It took me making a huge fuss before I was able to find out the real reason I was sat.
soooooooooooooo.Does anyone know how I can try to get my peers to be straight with me?
Does anyone know how I can try to get my peers to be straight with me?

On a very scary side note. I just started messing around with my ret pally again (not even close to the gear of my mage), and rapidly catching up to the damage level of my mage in a bunch of situations. Not to mention the notorious group utility that a paladin offers!

03-03-2010, 07:55 PM
It sounds like you've tried just about everything to get some constructive criticism. It sounds like you won't be able to count on your guildies to help you and will have to find another way to figure it out. I looked at your armory, but I won't comment on it unless you want me to, since you didn't actually ask for that. I will say that DFO is a huge upgrade over Rune, although not a 3k dps one. Is the other mage stacking in the middle with the melee or is he out with range like you are? Did he have a priest shielding him for IA and you didn't, because that would make a huge difference on a fight like Festergut. I would be happy to give advice on improving dps if you'd like, just let me know (and post a combat log parse if you have one).

03-03-2010, 09:36 PM
atm my logs/gearing/armory etc is being messed with a lot as I play around with stats for fire spec. Tonight's raid I just said F@$! it and played some fire spec (my fav spec). I played like shit because I am not amazing with fire but at least I had fun knowing I wouldn't be as disappointed when I checked the logs knowing full well the dmg wouldn't be great (and let me tell you it wasn't lol).

As far as logs go, I would love to post the one with the Festergut fight I am talking about, but wowmeter went and poopered. Ill try and upload it on world of logs and then edit post, feel free to comment.

Here is the World Of Logs parse: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/vfm9jnys6jsmxpav/

All in all, I think my raiding days are numbered and may have to just accept the fact that I royally suck ass as a mage. I am not neglecting my paladin and looking to the future I am almost certain that I will be persueing my paladin come Cataclysm.

But as this thread I created was intended, throw me any tips that you guys use to try and get ppl to spit out what they really feel. I mean I may or may not get offended, but at the end of the day I can sleep better at night if I know ppl are telling me what they really think instead of trying to just be "nice".

03-05-2010, 02:39 PM
Also I am by far no expert for mages, I guess I can give you a little hint:

Active Time:
Drayla: 97.5%
Samius: 87.8%
And numbers like this you find for every encounter in the log.

I don't know why you idled that much, but if it is possible for you to erase this you will notice a big increase in dmg.


03-27-2010, 08:02 PM
Just a quick necro/update.
I am back focusing on my ret pally, mage/caster dps just wasn't for me I guess.
I have more experience to build on my ret pally, and already sitting around my mages damage level with much lesser gear.
I guess that is both sad but good at the same time.
Thanks for all your help.