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03-02-2010, 03:05 PM
Anyone know where it is, tried search but i don't know how to use search properly.


03-02-2010, 04:01 PM
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Anyways... I couldn't really find it either. The only one I did find was started by me and I'm not too proud of my posts on the first page of it and the good stuff ended up being a lot about anub'arak25 adds.

Basically the TL;DR version is that focused rage gives better rage efficiency and shield spec gives more mitigation with some added rage, some would argue that it is rage when you need it and thus better.

Now for a more indepth recap of what the threads say:
In my personal experiences I have had serious rage problems with 5/5 shield spec, and imo those only get worse during 3.3.2 where revenge is dropped from the rotation.

Also the returns from shield spec are circumstantial. If you are tanking more than 1 thing it often times becomes better, and gets increasingly better the more adds are attacking you. You also have to account for your current avoidance levels (lower in ICC) and attack speeds (faster in ICC).

There was another thread where Kojiyama and I were comparing puncture and shield spec. Koji runs with more avoidance than I do, so he got returns that were almost the exact same for puncture and shield spec, whereas I got better gains from puncture because I run with less avoidance. However the gains point per point are still extremely marginal (it was like 4 or 5 rage a minute per point better to have puncture for me?) Since puncture (at my avoidance levels) is better, then focused rage is definitely better since it affects everything.

However, while focused rage is more rage efficient, other people argue that it doesn't matter if you're saving rage when you're staying at a stead 80 rage or so. And there's valid points to that, and it depends on playstyle, how much you like to keep up HS, if you're having any threat or rage problems, etc. etc.

If at the end of the day you've decided you have no rage problems at all, then go for the extra added mitigation. I personally had huge rage issues when I tried out 5/5 shield spec and focused rage, but I also like to keep HS as close to 100% as possible, so efficiency works better for my playstyle, others may not see a difference at all.

03-04-2010, 06:03 AM
Thanks Aggathon, was going to use the thread to explain some stuff to a fury warrior who had some questions on his tank spec, your response helped a lot.

To Kazeyonoma, if you are so brilliant, could you please provide a link to the thread, as your editing of my post not only make you look very rude, but makes you look like an idiot as you do not provide a link either. If any tankspot admin wonders why I am not a donor.....

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searched Focused Rage in threat titles only, came up within first search, yes the thread title was about deep wounds vs. focused rage, but clicking into it very quickly shows discussions between FR vs ShieldSpec.

There is no Shield spec vs. focused rage thread that exists, there were several threads that were created that spun off into ss vs fr threads however.

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