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03-01-2010, 05:07 PM
The first time my guild ran into ICC we had a lock roll on a trinket that is more suited for a healer (and to confirm I've since installed ClassLoot). It wasn't such a big deal then, someone just mentioned that it was better for healing and he gave it to me. Really though so many times when we run with him similar issues come up, so last night when the staff fell off of Deathbringer of course he rolled for it. He won it. I was asked what to do, since I'm the GM, and to avoid drama issues after having just downed Deathbringer as a guild first I said to give it to him. It's sort of a thorn in my side though, considering both that he rarely runs with us and when he does he tends to roll on things that not only are better suited for another class but end up hurting him in the long run (with the staff, for example, he took a hit loss). I feel bad because I took the trinket, even though it was better for me, and because we're always saying "that's better suited for a ______." I adore the guy, he's super nice and I can't be mad at him. He just doesn't know better.

Really though at what point should a player have the knowledge for themselves? At what point does a person realize that not every piece of cloth is made equal and that stats are different for dps and healing? We've tried to help him with his gearing (gem-wise he's not following the advice), we've tried to tell him what stats to go for. The staff in question isn't exactly horrible for a dps, it's just that there's better out there as well. Most of my raiders look at gear and automatically start saying grats to who it should rightfully go to, or if there's more than one person who could use it they roll and all is good.

My question that I've taken forever to get to is how do you handle these situations? How do you handle those players who just don't quite get what they should and shouldn't roll on?

[I know that I could have just said, again, that it was better for me. I just didn't want to play the bitch card and was hoping for opinions on a way to help him and anyone else we may encounter in the future so we can avoid this happening again. It seems that what we've tried isn't working.]

03-01-2010, 06:12 PM
To be fair, if you're only running 10mans that staff is probably the best thing he's able to get. If he's hit capped then the loss of hit was not costing him dps. As long as he has sufficient hit rating then yes a piece of cloth with 0 hit rating will not hurt his dps and he shouldn't be overlooked just because he's not a healer.


03-01-2010, 08:47 PM
I don't even remember what he had, to be honest, just that he lost a good chunk of hit and he's a little under now I believe.

I think it just hit most of us 'cause we pass on things we could use because it's better for someone else - he just really doesn't know. Like I said I'm not mad at him, or anything like that - adore the guy, and haven't said anything to him. Just I want to know how to talk to him and help him figure out what's best for him because he comes to us with questions just doesn't take any of the advice. His rolling on the staff was just a nod in that direction, I guess, with the off gemming and (at times) not great itemization. I don't know how to tell him nicely "you need to change this this this and that to get better."

My fiance and I figured that what we can do is call out "dps ring" or whatever.

I'm probably overthinking in trying to keep everything fair. Past guilds were far from it (giving mp5 drops in ToC to mages over 3 healers and such) and I don't want anyone getting pissed over anything like that =(

03-02-2010, 05:39 AM
The calling out its a dps ring is what we do. It works quite well, beause like that even if a person is not knowledgeable, he/she won't be ambarrassed by rolling on it, since it was clearly stated before for which role and maybe even classe the drop is suited.

03-05-2010, 08:14 AM
The tricky thing with loot is that there are times that it's just "caster" gear. And there are so many factors to consider. For example, the Frigid Eye of Marrowgar has MP5 on it. So most people say "Oh, healing ring" when in fact, a Holy Priest wouldn't really want that ring and an Arcane Mage would LOVE that ring. Some thing with spirit gear - not all healers need spirit. In fact, my Disc Priest hates spirit but so many RLs try to force spirit gear on me just because I'm a healer. We actually had a Resto Shaman through a HUGE fit when a mage won the ring I mentioned above.

But, I also run a 10m raiding guild with a loot council and have run into situations like this. It sounds like you're doing rolls instead of an actual council which is fine if that's working for you. But I would reccommend asking questions in these kind of situations. And saying things like "this is really a DPS ring" or something is good. You and your officers should reserve the right to over-ride rolls when neccessary. But you can educate this guy as well by asking some questions. For instance when he rolled on the staff, first ask "can you afford to lose the hit" or even "it looks like if you use this staff you'll be under hit cap. Do you have other gear or something to help offset that". By asking those questions in my raids, I've quickly learned that some of our raiders are carrying an awesome chest piece in thier bag that they can't put on until they get another drop. So when it looks wierd to me and I ask I will sometimes hear "yeah, I have this chest piece and gem waiting for it" or something.

IDK, hope that helps a little bit.