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03-01-2010, 03:27 PM
When a green ooze targets someone, if I read correctly the damage is split between everyone nearby, correct? So are you supposed to have the ranged and healers stack on whoever is the target? Then when it explodes everyone is thrown back and it targets another?

Also, what are the priorities for the abomination guy? Slow the ooze, obviously, but then should he DPS the ooze or should he focus on eating slime?

03-01-2010, 04:33 PM
When the ooze first spawns you have a few seconds before it picks a target. Any ranged DPS, especially with DoTs, should try to apply DoTs to it immediately and then run further away into the raid. Once the target is picked, melee can break off and attack it on its way in. All ranged and healers should stack on, or very close to the the rooted target. If the green ooze reaches its target, it does damage distributed to all targets within a certain range knocking them back. It's important that you are on the same side of the ooze as the person who was rooted so people all get knocked into the same direction. If you get knocked out into the middle of the room, you had better have cooldowns prepared because people won't be able to get to you to split the damage before the slime gets to you if it isn't killed first.

As for the abomination driver, they have two priorities. If there is an ooze or gas cloud, it has to be slowed. If there is a slime puddle, it has to be eaten. If you neglect either of these duties you will become backed up on slime and not have enough room available to complete phase 3. Ideally you want to have no slime left when phase 3 hits, though you can get by if there is only one puddle so long as it isn't in the middle of the room. An abomination driver should only ever DPS if all the puddles are gone and any ooze or gas cloud was already slowed or killed. As soon as a new add spawns or new puddles are dropped they shift back to their priorities. At the very start of the encounter you may choose to farm one of the puddles for a little bit to get an extra head start on energy, if you do this however you should make sure to clean finish it off immediately when he lays the next two or you will never catch up (preferably before he spawns them).

03-02-2010, 01:28 AM
A couple of finer points:
- you don't need everyone stacked for the green ooze (no idea on the number that's safe - sorry)
- you don't need to be exactly stacked ontop of the green ooze target (5yards or so is fine and you will soak) - this is especially important in P2 when malleable goo is being thrown around and if your green ooze target is in or near a slime puddle.
- it's a bit about trial and error, we have our melee be on the green ooze spot when it spawns, between it and the ranged/healer camp, if it targets a melee they all get knocked back towards the range (this is on 25man only, on 10man depends on numbers of melee) and then they dps again. If/when it targets range they make sure they run "behind it" so they get knocked back to Putricide (to increase dps time), but this only works if you know you can get it down in 1 "explosion".
- Not much to add about the abom driver, you get a feel for it after a while, the "+damage debuff" is nice to place on slimes and if they are placed nicely you can do a decent amount of dps to the slimes, but I'd only worry about that after you've got your slime eating perfected.

03-02-2010, 01:49 AM
The abom priorities are slowing the adds (especially the gas cloud - no slow on this one and you'll almost guarantee a wipe if ur new to the fight) and sucking up slime. When you are first learning the fight, have them do nothing but slow adds and eat slime puddles. When the abom starts eating a puddle, they should not leave that puddle until it's completely gone (even if another puddle is starting to get big).

One strat that a lot of guilds are using now is to just stack on the "green side" of the room throughout the entire fight. Melee near where the green ooze spawns and ranged/healers spread along the walls, mainly the right wall. The boss should be tanked right where the green ooze spawns, and melee can instantly start dpsing it and cleaving the boss. When it picks a target, the melee move with it and make sure they stay between the ooze and the right wall. When it blows up, the melee charge right back in to dps it while still keeping themselves in between the ooze and the right wall (so they don't get knocked too far from it when it blows up). The green oozes die really fast this way, and there's less running around between the boss and the ooze. During phase 2, when putricide starts dropping gas bombs, the tank on the boss should be watching the timer for gas bombs and pull the boss away from the green ooze area when he's about to drop them. Pulling the boss towards the door to the room is a good spot to drop all the gas bombs. If it's a warrior, he/she can just intervene back to a totem or someone near where the green ooze comes out and they're right back into position.

03-02-2010, 04:19 AM
Abom's primary duty is to slow and then to eat slimes. These two duties are ones that really dont allow for much error (ofc, the achievement requires no slowing but that's another case).

If your abom driver is quick about his jobs, he should have time enough to dps the adds and even the boss.

I'm usually the abom driver. What i do is i immediately start eating the 2 oozes that spawn, then run to the green ooze spawn. I wait with the slowing ability till the ooze is 1/2 into his targeting cast. Until that time, i dps the ooze. There's a good 4-5 seconds between when the ooze appears and when it starts moving towards its target. 5 seconds of dps from the abomination is HUGE (around 3-4% of its hp. Add some more dps through the travel and i usually top the meters on damage done to oozes). However, i immediately break off for new ooze puddles the second they form.

The tricky part is the phase transition. Ideally you want to have either no puddles or at most one. If there's an ooze coming up, reserve your slowing ability for AFTER the stun is over.

03-02-2010, 01:40 PM
you did not mention 10 or 25 man...
some groups like to stack on the green ooze so melee can reach it when it spawns. in the 10 man encounter, we use the opposite strategy of stacking on the brown side, but either works. we happen to be a ranged heavy group.
the green ooze damage is 70k split between everyone in 10 yards, so you should be able to figure out stacking from that. whatever side you use, you actually don't want ranged and melee on top of each other because then you'll get malleable goo in the raid.

the abom driver must keep up with the slime - that is of primary importance. yes, the ooze must be slowed, but that can be done from range so it doesn't interfere with slime gobbling. however, as the abom driver, i can tell you it's pretty darn easy to keep up with the slime, slow the oozes, and still do significant dps to the oozes. i usually end up in the top 2 on ooze damage + the added benefit of stacking sunder.

but if it comes down to it, eating slime > dps ooze. it's REALLY hard to catch back up if you fall behind on slime.

one tip that you didn't ask but you'll want to know - it's vital that you not do a phase transition when an unstable experiment has been cast. especially for phase 2 -> 3, that means bring him to 37-38%, nuke the next ooze, then push him into phase 3 quickly.