View Full Version : US [H] Shattered Hand <Plays Naked> Recruiting!

02-27-2010, 07:50 PM
Greetings! Plays Naked is a 25m horde guild on Shattered Hand (US-PVP). We're looking for a few select classes to fill out our core 25 man ICC group. We raid Tuesday thru Thursday from 7-11pm. Applications can be submitted at http://playsnaked.wowstead.com. All of that said, we're looking for a few select classes. Please see list below. All applicants will be heavily audited, we expect your gear to be gemmed and enchanted to the max. We are looking for minmaxers who are progression-minded.

-Holy Paladin, 1-2
-Disc/Holy Priest, 1
-Boomkin, 1
-Resto Druid, 1
-Warlock, 1
-Arms Warrior, 1
-Enhancement Shaman, 1
-Shadow Priest 1

To apply, please visit http://playsnaked.wowstead.com to apply. And remember, we will always consider outstanding applicants!