View Full Version : US [H] FLIPSIDE KINGS <eredar>: Recruiting ICC Dps/Heals for ICC 25 man and 10 man spots

02-26-2010, 07:05 PM
FSK needs you raiders:
Dps pulling 6.5k+ with ICC raid experiance, this of course means the, if your a lock you should know how to tank on princes, melee/casters should know how to drop slimes off on Festergut or moving spores on Rotface.
Healers also are needed: druid, priest (disc/holy) also if you have a working dps off spec its an added bonus to us and will aid you in getting a raid spot for the core 25.
WE are at present 7/12 ICC and our 10 mans are 11/12.
FSK is nearing its 4th anniversery and been raiding the whole time if you like to down bosses, with little to no drama then come on Eredar and send a mail or tell to Boje (GM, Healer), Holyprincess, Thorston(officers, Tanks), Kimixu (officer, Dps) and also our clothie officers Steelnova (Lock) and Motholomew (mage). Feel free to visit our website at http://fsk.guildlaunch.com/
Have a good day and Happy raiding