View Full Version : US [A] - [Proudmoore - US - PvE] <Clearly> Recruiting to fill our 25 ICC Roster

02-26-2010, 03:24 PM
<Clearly> is an alliance PvE guild on the US Proudmoore server. Our main raid times our Tuesday - Thursday, 9PM - Midnight Server Time (Pacific Time). Other raids are scheduled during the week, mainly for Alts and gear runs.

We are looking for mature, dedicated raiders to fill our 25 man roster. We are looking for people geared and ready for current tier 10 content (Icecrown Citadel). Applicants will be expected to have a significant understanding of the options and fuctionality that their class offers to the raid. Wether it be an adjustment of talent points or equipment selection, applicants will be challenged to maximize their performance and then improve upon it constantly. You will be required to know the optimal spec for your class and role, and may be asked by the Raid Leader to re-specialize if they are not optimized. However you wont be asked to change from one role to an other (ie. dps to healing).

We are 10/12 in ICC10 and looking to fill our 25 man roster to progress in 25 man ICC as a guild. Our scheduled 10 man is progression based and the players are selected for an optimal raid composition and based on player reliability/performance. We do not consider 10 mans to be required, but do try to schedule as many 10 man runs as possible.

<Clearly> is a loot council guild and loot is determined by a council. This mainly applies to our 25 mans. A council of 3 members determines loot based on an APA system (attendance/performance/attitude). 10 man gear is usually determined by open rolls or the raid leaders discretion.

If you would like to apply, please visit our website (http://clearlyguild.com) or contact Cevine, Darknezzss, Auroron, Suramar or myself (Nauthul) in game. Feel free to PM me if you'd like.