View Full Version : Safeguard + Glyph of Intervene are amazing for Lich King (10 man).

02-26-2010, 11:19 AM
We've recently started running with a Druid MT + me as a prot warrior offtank. The druid has a lower gearscore by a pretty decent margin, but this works very well.

I wear heavy expertise and hit capped gear at the expense of more EH and survivability in order to increase my phase 1 threat and dps. I'm specced for deep wounds, impale, and safeguard. Not needing improved revenge frees up 2 points for safeguard.

I tank LK + whatever thunderclap picks up while the Druid tanks the shamblers tank the shamblings + whatever swipe picks up, and we go through phase 1 like anyone else would. We try to keep the ghouls near the shambler, but the LK a few paces away so that people with Necrotic can easily run to the shambler and infect it. We only ever dps the Shamblers if we have issues getting an initial dot stack on the Shambler.

In phase two, this spec begins to rock.

Druid tanks LK 24/7. He does NOT have a 4 piece, nor do we have enough healer cooldowns to cover every soul reaper. However, both soul reaper and intervene are on 30 second cooldowns, and they line up with each other perfectly. Safeguard gives the main tank a 6 second mini-shield wall, plus glyph of intervene absorbs 2 of the hasted attacks instead of 1. Threat has proven to be an absolute non issue for the druid. No healer cooldowns are necessary. Druid uses barkskin if I am ever unable to intervene due to range or whatever.

This frees me up for full time valkyr duty. We have a paladin HoJ the Valk when they spawn, and I am free to dps, Conc Blow, and Shockwave, not to mention quickly sunder every valkyr. Shield block is up for every single Valkyr, so you load up a slow weapon, hit shield block, and land some big shield slams and do some very worth damage to the valks on 10 man. You certainly won't match your dps, but can pull a pretty solid 3k damage on the valks, which is surprisingly helpful on a 10 man scale.

Just thought I'd share my experience :cool:

02-26-2010, 11:36 AM
Intervene/ Safeguard definitely help here.

For those that are having threat issues and cannot afford to use intervene on your MT, I'd highly suggest using a taunt rotation.

When soul reaper is applied your offtank can do one of two things: stand in range and taunt shortly before it expires or run out a fair distance and taunt.

Running will reduce your melee DPS by a small amount, although DPS isn't a particularly major concern here. Standing will cause the OT to take more damage. Choose whichever works for you.

This strategy virtually eliminates all risk of tank death, has no negative threat impact and doesn't require respeccing for safeguard.

02-27-2010, 05:00 AM
Yeah, we do it the same way but without glyphed intervene.
The 30% damage reduction are enough for us.

I think it's easier then switching tanks. We had some issues with tank deaths before we began using intervene.

02-27-2010, 05:19 AM
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