View Full Version : US [H] PVE-US-Oceanic-Saurfang <Catastrophe> seeking all class for ICC team

02-26-2010, 08:49 AM
Who we are:
We are a band of mature and friendly peoples looking to progress through ICC contents.

Short History:
Formed on late February 2010, made us quite a young guild. Started by me with suggestion of my friends, we strive to become a tight knit raiding guild.

What we need from you:
1. Humour, period. We need people who can laugh at the wipes we will definitely face. drama is the last thing we need.
2. Focus and pay attention during raid.
3. help each other
4. have DBM/Ventrilo and other appropriate raiding UI

Our progression:
Our main team successfully blast through all other instances before ICC. So we are mostly focusing on progressing through ICC and higher (when they become available). Currently we are still trying to down Lord Marrowgar, although that might change anytime now.

What we have:
We have a solid MT(myself) some healers, and lots of very capable DPS.

What we need:
1. OT
2. more healers of any class
3. more dps of any class

How do you apply
1. Mail/whisper to "Zhou" ingame to set up interview
2. Reply to this thread with your interest
3. Visit our webpage at http://cs.guildzilla.com for application

See you there!