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02-25-2010, 03:49 AM
Tre Lowen's Shiny Recruitment Post of Awesomeness
(It is white and looks slightly longer than the average recruitment post)

Realm: Alliance, Hellfire EU
Website: www.trelowen.co.uk

Current recruitment openings:
Ele / Resto Shaman
Resto / Balance Druid
Shadow Priest

Hello there!

Who are we?
A top-end Alliance raiding guild on the Hellfire-EU server. We have existed in our current form since May 2008, and been among the front-runners for progression in that period.

We are currently working our way towards killing The Lich King in ICC, in both 10- and 25-man modes. Once he’s down and we’ve danced distastefully on his dead body, we’ll be working on the various Hard Modes in Icecrown Citadel. It is important that you understand this – progression does not stop until all content is cleared on the hardest possible setting.

Why are you recruiting?
We need some fresh blood into our guild to aid us with our final push into ICC.

What does our progression look like?
See it here: http://www.guildox.com/go/g.asp?n=Tre+Lowen&r=Hellfire-EU
In short, since Wrath launched we have nailed all Tier 7 content (inc. both Sartharion hard modes, before Ulduar launch), we’ve put Yogg-Saron to sleep and Anub’Arak has been squished. Our 10-man team has also observed Algalon’s demise and claimed the realm-first “A Tribute To Dedicated Insanity”.
We’re a top 5 guild and we’re damn proud of it :)

When do you raid?
Raiding days:
Wednesday – 2000 ST to 0000 Server Time.
Thursday – 2000 ST to 0000 ST.
Sunday – 2000 ST to 0000 ST.
A fourth raid night is currently being considered, and it will be on either a Monday or a Tuesday. Fridays and Saturdays are deliberately kept free for people to do as they please.
Pulling starts at 2000 ST. You are expected to be ready for an invite at least 15 minutes prior to the official raid start.

What do you expect?

Attendance. You should be able to make 3 days a week, occasional Real Life distractions notwithstanding.
Class knowledge. We expect an excellent knowledge of your class and your spec. You should keep up-to-date with any information beneficial to your role, be it tanking/healing/DPSing.
Promptness. Barring the zombie apocalypse, we expect people to turn up on time.
Commitment. Our progress is built on teamwork and team spirit. We work together, we succeed together. And no, before you ask, we didn’t get this from an “Idiot’s Guide to Management” handbook :)
Preparation. You should come prepared with flasks, buff foods, consumables to every raid.
Homework. Whether it’s a farm boss, or a progress fight, we expect you to know what you’re coming up against. That means reading guides and watching vids.
Attitude. Sometimes things just don’t happen the way they should. That’s life. Take the wipe, deal with it, be back and ready to go back at the boss ASAP.

Hell, that all sounds a bit ominous!
We’d rather be up front with you. We’re not slavedrivers, but we have standards that need meeting. You help us to help you. Or we help you to help us. Or… oh well you get the idea.

Sounds good, where can I apply?
Our website (listed above) has an application form which all potential recruits should fill in. We promise to spend as much time reading your application as you spend writing it :)

I’d like to speak to somebody before applying. Who can I pester?
One of the officers would be a good start!

Our officerdom reeks of awesomeness as thus:

Dakkone (GM)

The best way to catch up with us is probably via our forums. If you’d like an in-game chat this isn’t a problem but we’d prefer to schedule an appointment; most of the time we’re busy with something tricky and whispers can get missed if we’re trying not to stand in fire/green nasty stuff.

This was a mighty fine read, I believe my life has been enriched and I shall sleep well tonight from the wondrous glowing feeling inside of me.
Awww, bless you.

This was rubbish. I want five minutes of my life back.
Please contact our complaints department. Your call is important to us and we will be with you shortly.
*elevator music*