View Full Version : US [H] PVE-Malygos <Veterans of the Phoenix> ICC25

02-24-2010, 10:47 AM
<Veterans of the Phoenix> is a "Friends and Family style" progression raiding guild. We are looking to round out our 2nd 25 man ICC raid team. Currently we are short healers and DPS. However, we are pretty full up on DKs and Hunters. Ideal matches would include Enhancement/Elemental Shaman, and Ret Pally for DPS, as well as another Holy/Disc priest for raid heals.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesdays & Wednesday 9PM - Midnight server time (CST)
Other nights are available for 10-mans and other guild runs.

Please contact Shizukana or Unshiz in game or visit our website and post an application.