View Full Version : US [A] US - Norgannon <Rapture> Recruiting for 25s

02-23-2010, 10:51 PM
<Rapture> is a 10/25man raiding guild on US-Norgannon working on progression through ToC and ICC.

We are a group of experianced raiders looking to fill our ranks with more of the same. We raid 4-5 nights a week starting at 8:00pm EST, and we are looking to expand and progress in our 10 and 25 man ICC runs, 25 man ToC, and 10/25man ToGC.

If you are looking for a relatively casual raid guild who aims to progress you might be a great fit.

Needed classes

Resto - Shaman
Resto - Druid
Balance - Druid
Feral (tank) - Druid
Holy - Palladin

5/5 - ToC (10/25)
3/12 - ICC (25)
4/12 - ICC (10)

For more information please visit http://rapture-norgannon.com, or contact myself (Beatinas) in-game.