View Full Version : US [H - Bonechewer] Bladesworn seeking a dedicated few for 25s.

02-23-2010, 03:23 PM
Horde - Bonechewer

Bladesworn's transition to 25s is nearly complete.

We're an extremely close and familial guild and hope that any who are interested can tolerate friendly jest as well as constructive criticism.

We are seeking a dedicated and talented few. Warlocks, Balance & Resto Druids, and Disc Priests are of extreme interest to us.

We have been a guild for less than 4 months and have achieved A Tribute to Insanity and are currently 11/12 in ICC 10.

Raid Times:

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday @ 6-9PST.
Sundays & Mondays are optional but encouraged depending on the weekly situation.

Feel free to contact Invictius, Biggrnmonstr or Jaggy in-game for additional details. Alternatively, you can head over to www.bladesworn.com (http://www.bladesworn.com) and fill out an application. The answer to the secret question on the registration form is "Jaggy" .

I look forward to meeting you.