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02-23-2010, 08:38 AM
http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/Themes/mmo2/images/post/xx.gif (http://www.mmo-champion.com/guild-recruitment-us-pve-servers/chimera-1112-icc-need-dk-dps-resto-shaman-holy-priest/msg2201568/#msg2201568)Greetings,

<Chimera> is an alliance EST PvE guild. We are currently recruiting to solidify our rosters for Icecrown and beyond. We have been raiding together going on 3 years now ever since BC. We want long term and committed members. Chimera is not planning on going anywhere, and we want members that will be part of our raiding core that wonít go anywhere or quit in a few months. We have two progression raid teams currently running each week. The raids' main focus is now Ice Crown Citadel and working on hardmodes.

Raid times are:

8pm Raid Team: 7/12 HMs
7:30pm - Midnight (EST) Tues-Thurs and Sunday, with the possibility of late runs or extra days during serious progression.

9pm Raid Team: 4/12 HMs
8:30pm - 1am (EST) Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday with the possibility of late runs or extra days during serious progression.

Currently Recruiting:

Warlock (High Demand)
DK-DPS (High Demand)
Resto/Boomkin (Medium Demand)
Enhancement Shaman(Medium Demand)

Shadow priest (Medium Demand)
Hunter (Medium Demand)
Rogue (Medium Demand)

Please Note: Where as these are our current needs, should you feel you go above and beyond our requirements, please feel free to submit and application. We are always interested in exceptional players.

The ideal applicant...

- Should be prepared to start raiding immediately upon joining.
- Should have gear and experience suitable to the content (currently ICC25). Experience with achievements/hard mode encounters in current (and older content, where applicable) is a preferred.
- Should be using Omen, DBM, ORA2, Power Auras and a few class-specific mods depending on your role.
- Must have the ability to attend all raid days on a regular basis, with no major recurring conflicts, we have a requirement of 90% attendance in order to maintain a spot on our roster. Near 100% attendance is expected during your trial period. (approx. 30 days).
- Must have ventrilo, and a working mic. Listening and speaking (at least to convey time-sensitive raid information) are both required.
- Must have a good attitude towards raiding and other players. Members are expected to bring their ďA gameĒ to raids every night, not taking AFKs every 20 minutes, follow instructions, and so on.
- Must have gear, gems, enchants, glyphs, reputations, achievements, and professions that reflect a high level of dedication to raid performance.
- Will have a solid understanding of all aspects of your class. You should have experience playing different specs in a raiding environment and be able to assume whatever role we deem necessary from you that your class can perform. You should be using the dual-spec system to increase your versatility in a raiding environment.
- Will research new fights ahead of time and come prepared to contribute to the groupís learning of each encounter. Showing up to a raid oblivious of an encounterís mechanics is unacceptable.
- Should have a good sense of humor and thick skin. We are respectful at all times to one another, however we do expect our raiders to be able to take and give constructive criticism that sometimes may be blunt.

For further information about us and what we expect from our raiders and/or apply, visit us at http://worldofchimera.com/dalaran/recruitment/ also feel free to contact me in game.