View Full Version : US <Dominion> Trollbane recruiting for 10 man raid team 6/12!

02-22-2010, 11:10 PM
<Dominion> is a new progression guild on the Trollbane server (EST). Our goal is to clear all end game content without sacrificing the enjoyment of the game. We are seeking like minded individuals who desire to raid! We have a solid core of people that share strong bonds that are seeking new friends. If your goal is to progress and meet some new people, then Dominion may be for you.

Who we are
An officer council comprised of raiders and friends from a 25-man raiding guild, Dominion struck out on its own, determined to make its mark. We raid, we have fun, we complete new encounters, exult in victory, and distribute loot- mostly in that order. In that respect we expect raiders to attend at the top of their game, properly prepared and supplied to kick some ass, but still maintain one cardinal rule: check any elitism at the door and display respect for all players in all channels of chat.

The plan
Dominion has one main group running ICC10 weekly, working on Putricide, and is seeking to establish a second regular raid team. When both teams are established and consistently pushing further in, we will establish a 25 man team for simultaneous progression.

Raid times are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 8 PM -11:00 PM EST.

What we are looking for
We are seeking relaxed, friendly, skilled people of all roles, with a high need for healers. Strong tanks of all types and exceptional damage dealers will also be considered. Experience in ICC is a bonus.

Please visit out our website http://dominion-trollbane.guildlaunch.com/ for more details, and if you feel that we could be a good fit for you, click the link on the left side of the screen to apply to the guild!