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02-21-2010, 09:10 PM
I'm hoping for a bit of help on where to move next in my gearing. I successfully raid ICC10 weekly up to Putricide. But I'm having some issues coming up with my next few selections of gear. My major hold back is the lacking of Exp on pieces at the moment. I'm just under cap, but make it up with Food Buffs in raids. Where should I go from here? I believe one of my weak areas is trinkets. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


02-21-2010, 11:13 PM
Trinkets would indeed be the best upgrades, you have several options, the easiest at the moment to obtain is the black heart from toc 5 heroic, I believe thats a small upgrade, the hp+ armor proc is incredible for it's item level, although it could be arguable that the straight stam is better from your current ones. The other trinkets you can try to get are juggernauts vitality from toc25 and togc 25, i don't know if it has a different name for alliance but its 198/216 stamina with an hp increase on use effect. Also theres the corroded skeleton key from badges which is probably the best thing you can get at the moment with 228 stamina on it and an absorb use effect. The only other trinket of note atm is the unidentifiable organ from icc 10 which is bound to drop for you some time soon, the armor is great and the stamina proc is really nice for certain fights. If you can get the togc25 trinket + skeleton key i would use those then swap in the unidentifiable organ for certain fights/trash.

02-22-2010, 01:14 AM
Black Heart vs. Brewfest is very situational. The armor proc is strong but unreliable.

Now the Triumph armor trinket, that is a huge upgrade (at least for primarily physical fights, which is the majority of raid bosses). If you can't run 25's to get Satrina's (the aforementioned HP trinket, but Alliancified), I would save up for the Skeleton Key with Frost badges. Key + Glyph is a very potent combo, especially compared to what you're using atm. (that's what I use on my pally, Key + Glyph most of the time, swapping out Glyph for Brewfest on mostly magic fights)

Some other stuff that may be holding you back:

- Spec is weird. I won't pretend to be an expert on prot warrior specs, but I know that Cruelty is not worth anything unless you're specced into Deep Wounds. It's also recommended nowadays to drop Imp Revenge and just use glyphed Devastate instead, it does less damage but generates more threat. That leaves you with a spec like this (http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#LAM00fZhZVItMx0didfzsGo:McT). Again, not an expert opinion but this is what I hear from experienced warrior tanks (hang around here enough and you absorb a lot of information).

- PvP shoulder enchant and 18 stam to shield would do you more good.

- I really, really recommend Tuskarr's to boots. The 8% move speed comes in handy so very often - warriors have pretty good mobility with Charge and Intervene, but when you need to kite something away from the raid, or you need to get out of the bad stuff, or anything of the sort, it's fantastic.

02-22-2010, 12:51 PM
By Glyph I assume your talking about the Triumph trinket? I have a Black Heart as well, but find I didn't like the proc rate on it much. I have ran 25 ToC a ton of times and my luck getting Satrina's is horid. Right now my guild is running ICC 10/25 so getting back in there is rare.

I'll have to look into the PvP Shoulders, hadn't really thought about it much. Good point about the shield though. Guess that was just habit and having a Def enchant already in my bag when it dropped.

It might be a bit different of a build. I use it for survivability. I don't have any issues with threat and can run about 2600dps most single target fights currently. My last build was 15/3/53, but it didn't have a few things I wanted for raid bosses. The build your running isn't bad either though. I like having the shortened timers on SW and Last Stand. I would love to hear some other thoughts on the talent build.

I have 96 Frost Badges currently. Suppose I should replace out a trinket tonight. Not sure I like dropping that much Sta though with the Glyph. Ok, I know I'm a HP hog. I like to have every bit I can. Especially for Marrowgar type fights.

02-22-2010, 12:59 PM
As far as the glyph of indominability goes, even though you don't see it in your HPs, the armor is more EHP than any trinket you probably have at the moment. Satrina's and Skeleton Key are the only two that out do it atm (not counting UO obviously).

As far as specs and breakdowns go, take a look in my guide, however come 3.3.3 you'll probably put revenge back in your rotation, but for now you don't need to spec it. The 15/3/53 spec I have in my guide is a really balanced build that provides pretty much everything you need unless you want 5/5 demo shout and 5/5 commanding presence, in which case the 5/15/51 build in my guide probably would be a good way to go for you.

02-25-2010, 10:01 PM
So I did replace out trinkets and played with my spec a bit. Haven't ran ICC 25 yet again though to really get a good comparison. How do people handle the Use: effect of the trinkets? I've been just keeping them on a slot clicking when I need, but that is really inefficient and they don't get used alot. Is it better to just macro them in to the rotation?

02-26-2010, 07:30 AM
I bind my trinkets. Put them on your hot bar and then assign a key in the "keybindings" menu. personally I use Q for my primary trinket and Shift Q for my secondary. Or you can make a priority macro and bind that to Q, so say you have skeleton key and the glyph of indom. If you want the skeleton key to be your first priority trinket, and the dodge effect on indom to be second, then hit the macro once and you'll get the absorb effect, hit the macro again and you'll get the dodge effect. Some people prefer to micromanage their trinkets more than that, but it is an option (I used a similar setup on H-25Anub add tanking with my 2 block value trinkets, it was also nice since the shared a cooldown, so I just had my lavinthor's talisman listed first, and my gnomergan autoblocker listed second, 1st wave I'd hit the trinket macro and get lav, second time I'd hit it and get gnomergan, it worked out really well).

The only defensive cooldown I don't have hot keyed is shield wall, because I don't want to accidentally fat finger it on a fight where there is a specific time to use it "like festergut, or steelbreaker, or thorim, or gormok, etc. etc. etc."

I have last stand bound to F1, shield block is 5, trinkets (if I have 2 with use effects, right now I've been using Jug's Vitality (satrinas) and Unidentifiable Organ, so I really only have 1 on use effect) to Q and Shift Q if needed (I put WotF on shift Q if I don't have another trinket). I have a ton of other keybinds too, but those are the defensive ones.

Edit: as far as usefulness goes, I use HP gain trinkets (or I guess absorbs like the skeleton key) as "oh shit buttons" if I see my SCT/XPerl scream low health, or I just see my HPs drop to uncomfortable levels, I hit a HP trinket. Any avoidance effects I typically try to use pre-emptively. Like if I know I'm about to take a lot of melee damage (or say like a healer says they have to divine plea or move or something like that and I just need to be able to avoid a little more), that's when I use effects like glyph of indom.