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02-21-2010, 03:32 AM

I have an 80 priest named Snowdancing on Blackhand. I am having trouble figuring out which spell to use when. I am dual speced in disc and holy. I always use PW:shield and sometimes remew (always renew tank) but I can't tell if its The gear differences throwing me off or if its something i'm doing something wrong. I am getting extremely annoyed at ppl asking to leave party or telling me I suck as a healer and go back to outlands to learn my character. As A GM I also find it hard to give me members help if with there characters if i can't figure out my own characters workings. Any help and/or suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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03-01-2010, 07:58 AM
Run with people you know for awhile, especially with people that know priests. You will learn where the actual problem is really fast. How long have you been 80, how long have you been running heroics, what kind of gear you running with. If you are in mostly blues/average gear level 0f 200 or below, then yeah, it's a gear thing. If you are moving into higher level gear, and things keep going sideways, then you may want to look at your strategy. Randoms are not a good measure of your skill. If you get a good group, you can just cruise, and really don't learn anything. If you get a really bad group, then things go to hell fast, and you are left holding the bag. I was once told I was a crappy healer by a tank with 500 defense. He tried to tell me that resilience made up the difference so he was still uncrittable. He wouldn't hear that he is missing avoidance by not having that defense where it needs to be, and hence, was taking a ton more damage than he should be, the group had to find a fully raid geared healer to heal him, and this was only heroic UP.

03-06-2010, 12:02 AM
Thank You, for the response. I've been an 80 for about 2 months now and most of my gear is epic 245, 200 and 1 or 2 lower lvl80. I have 16k+ health and 19,383 mana. The only person i've found to give me time of day has an 80 priest (Better geared) but thinks she knows priests. Her druid is still the better of her 2 healers and her advise sucks. thank you for taking time to help.

03-07-2010, 07:55 AM
As mentioned, group comp will affect your healing a great deal. A knowledgable tank, especially a geared one will make things very easy on a healer especially for heroics. Decent DPS will also make things easier as they will avoid damage when possible.

Getting into a random heroic where a few people just want to rush it makes things demanding on a healer and people are not very nice, that does not mean your a bad healer. I consider myself a pretty good healer and have run into situations where a tank has pulled more then they can reasonably handle, or a DPS felt the pulls were too slow and tagged some adds, and they always assume a healer will be able to pull them out of it. Often unreasonably, even with clique and if I am paying attention human reaction time cannot save a person from being stupid.

Can you give your char name so we could look at armory and critique gear/gemming/enchanting or are you just seeking spell/ability help? Healing is really reactionary so there is no absolute solution.

As a disc priest in heroics I use flash heal as my primary heal and penance as my oh crap backup, keeping bubble up as much as possible and renew on myself and tank at least. Prayer of Mending is up as often as possible on tank as well. Knowing the encounters, what can be reasonably expected to happen also aids in healing, you learn to predict some spikes, or when certain spells (group heal) should be pre-cast, etc.

03-07-2010, 08:55 AM
Hmm 5 mans. I've always ran in blindly without any worry of what comp I use. Replenishment or no replenishment. I started doing the 5 man heroics when WOTLK came out in Tier 6 gear, with about 13k mana and 1200 spell power, I struggled in some places but it was never impossible.

Try to recognize which mobs/fights do more AOE damage and get ready to snipe off the loss of health with COH and reapply the Prayer of Mending on the tank as they will take damage (you know they will, if they are holding aggro). Get to know your spells. All of them. A lot of priests ignore half their spells because they crunch too much math and pick the "highest" healing spells. In a real situation, you should know how much damage goes in and out, because healing is more than just monitoring numbers. There's a bit of smart planning and skill involved. Say there's a dot that ticks for 2k on someone and you cannot dispel it, a lot of people ignore Renew for instance. They'll heal through it with flash heal because it's "better" and waste triple the time, triple the mana, and triple the effort in healing through that for 6 seconds when they could have just used Renew to counter the incoming damage. Or say it is dispellable, just spend gcd to remove it instead so you don't have to heal it through.

It's basic stuff like this that gets lost in transition. Too many priests preaching and not enough priests actually healing.

Few tips if you didn't know already:
1. Monitor your tank's status. Stunned tanks are not able to block, dodge, parry during this debuff, you must heal through all the hits they take especially if they are holding up to 5-8 mobs at once. That's a huge flurry of hits in a very short amount of time you must deal with, unless the stun is magic and you are able to remove it.
2. Monitor who gets hit and when do they get hit. Casting a bubble or Renew is sometimes enough to allow you to focus more on tank. A lot of times I don't really pay much attention to range classes because tanks and melee take damage most of the time. The "Damage Taken" window from the Recount mod is good to analyze these situations.
3. Dispel and Abolish. They save a lot of stress. Majority of DoTs take three seconds to start dealing damage. The quicker you spot these and remove them, the quicker you can go back to doing what you do normally.
4. We didn't have a 1 minute Guardian Spirit glyph back then, toss it on a tank if they are taking heaps of damage. 40% more is pretty huge. You don't have that glyph at the moment, you should invest in it and replace your Prayer of Healing glyph for the time being.

03-19-2010, 10:30 AM
It all depends on which spec you use to heal with. With Disc I rarely ever use renew, it doesn't heal for very much as disc and it doesn't activate anything. Power Word Shield gives you borrowed time(haste buff) and when its absorbed it gives you mana and the tank rage/mana/runic power. Flash heal puts grace on the target increasing your healing and its increased by talents. So for Disc my priority is usually Shield, prayer of mending, penance, flash heal. If the fight has a lot of AOE damage, obviously you use prayer of healing when needed(Use power word shield on someone to get the haste buff, because prayer of healing is a long cast).

As holy I rarely use power word shield, mostly just to save someone if they are extremely low health. My renew as holy does about 1100-1200 more per tick than disc, so I always have it on the tank. Holy rotation for me is renew, prayer of mending, flash heal. Circle of healing and prayer of healing for a lot of AoE damage.

As a healer, never wait for damage. I always have renew on the tank before he ever takes damage and I use prayer of mending before he takes damage. When your tank is always at full health, it makes it easier to heal DPS that take damage. You never want to put yourself in a situation where you have to let a DPS die because both the tank and the dps are low health.

04-27-2010, 12:27 PM

Here's my dime advice, as Disc, since that's what I am...

Before pull, shield tank and Prayer of Mend him...if you have time, shield everyone else...keep the POM up, whenever possible, on the tank, to start...

After pom, hit Flash Heal, two or three times, to proc Divine Aegis (another shield mechanic that is awesome!)...

I use Vuhdoo, as a healing addon, and have flash heal on my left mouse button, with right mouse button set to shield...just click the bar of the person you are flash healing, while keeping the tank as your target. Speeds up your timing. The idea, with Disc, is to mitigate damage, before it happens, not after. If/when damage pokes through the shields, and you can't re-shield, use penance. If group damage is apparent, and you have tank shielded, use Prayer of healing...If a lot of AOE damage, use your Divine Hymn...just make sure you're in range of most of your group, for this. Even Holy Nova, if it's near end of fight, and you have mana...It heals and does threatless damage to nearby enemies (use sparingly, it will oom you quickly).

Also, for last ditch efforts, don't forget to use pain suppression on your tank...it saves a lot of near wipes, if timed properly. Power Infusion is also handy, either for yourself, or to put on the highest dps in your group, for an extra boost in casting speed, and reduction in mana cost.

As for Renew, I don't generally use it, except for running back from a wipe, or if I'm having to move, and try to heal, too. It just doesn't have much power, in Disc, to use otherwise, imho. Maybe use it, just before pull, along with shield/pom.

In 5-mans, the priority is to keep the tank, and yourself alive. If you're doing that, then you worry about the dps. If a dps dies, just rez them, afterwards, and move on. 90% of the time, they died from doing something risky, not from your negligence. You'll learn that, eventually...for instance, first few times I healed, with a Warlock, I'd notice his health dip really fast, for no apparent reason. I'd freak out, and spam heals on him...finally, I asked him what was going on...that's when I learned what "Life Tap" was (they use health to power up spells)! My point is, you can't worry too much about dps, unless you can safely afford to...only time I really feel bad for dps, is when they die, trying to save me from a mob...that's pretty rare, but I'll mention my appreciation to them, while I'm rezzing them!

Lastly, if you are running out of mana, tell the tank to stop...if they are good tank, they will be watching your mana bar, but many of them get tunnel vision ( I call it "blood lust", or "rage blindness"), in randoms, and will just assume you are managing your mana, or they will think they can take care of themselves (a very few actually can!). If you are running low, and they know it, but keep going, they deserve to die...you are not at fault! If they ever talk down to you about your healing, just leave. It isn't worth the drama. If they offer polite advice, listen, and see if it makes sense.

Good luck!

05-15-2010, 12:50 PM
Being a holy priest makes 5-mans a bit easier (the ICC 5-mans took me a while to learn to heal, but I got it sooner or later. Going back as disc to PoS and HoR, though, was so much easier) because your direct heals are buffed by multiple talents and will generally heal a lot more than they would in Disc spec. That on top of the fact that damage is much easier to manage in heroics than it is in raids means mitigation by use of shielding isn't really as useful in a 5-man.

Healing as a priest does take a while to learn to do properly, watching Aliena's priest guide videos helped me a lot, and it's a huge paradigm shift switching from the reactive healing in Holy spec to the preemptive healing in Disc spec.

In Disc, it's as simple as watching for who has threat and shielding them before they can actually take damage (I always try to keep a shield up on all the melee dps just in case they pull aggro; I also keep Prayer of Mending up on the tank, taking some of the weight of a sudden burst of damage off my shoulders). The tank is the most important to look after because if he dies, so does the rest of your group. Watch your tank's health bar and see how fast he/she is taking damage, if the damage is breaking your shields quickly and his health is dipping fast: Penance followed by Flash Heal spam. If it's reasonable damage, keep your shields up on the tank along with prayer of mending and renew and things should be fine. For heavy AoE fights - few and far between in heroics, but they do happen - shield everyone, the tank and yourself being your priorities, and Prayer of Healing and Prayer of Mending spam. If it gets out of control and your Prayer of Healing is becoming too tedious to keep casting, Inner Focus + Divine Hymn works well for a free-of-cost superheal.

As Holy, it's a little more difficult. You'll still want to shield the tank, along with a renew (keeping renew up in Holy is always a nice little buffer, especially against DoT damage), but since the shield isn't buffed from the Disc talents it is not as important. You really need to examine the damage being taken by your group, employ Flash Heal, Greater Heal and Circle of Healing (For the longest time I neglected this spell because of the 6 second cooldown, but once I started using it, it saved me a lot of trouble trying to Prayer of Healing spam) as they are needed all while keeping Prayer of Mending up on the tank. Being the reactive spec rather than the preemptive spec sometimes works against you, it really helps to learn the fights (even in heroics) and know what damage to expect and when, learn how much damage your spells do on average and what to expect when they crit so you can properly decide when to use which spell in certain situations. Since your Prayer of Healing has a shorter cast time in Holy, and even shorter with three stacks of Serendipity, alternating between Circle of Healing and Prayer of Healing in heavy AoE fights helps a lot. Try your best not to use Divine Hymn until you absolutely have to, and always couple it with Inner Focus if you're talented for it. Always keep your Guardian Spirit in the back of your mind, just in case the tank takes an unexpected burst of damage and you think you can't heal him fast enough, popping it on him just before he dies will save the group from a wipe. Even if he ends up not dying, the healing boost from it will help you pump the tank up to full health in a couple short casts.

Sidenote: ALWAYS keep Inner Fire up! It gives a spellpower buff (which I only learned of recently, after having an endgame priest for around six months) as well as the armor buff.