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02-20-2010, 09:54 PM
A Horde guild on Arthas (US)

Who are we?
Knights Of Shadow is a long time guild on Arthas-US (PvP) and been around since day one, raided all throughout Vanilla and TBC while always remaining competitive. We have a solid base of long time members and a great calm raiding atmosphere, with a focus on fun and progression. We try to involve everyone in guild activities, even if it means alternate 10mans or heroic farming during non-raid hours. The guild is very helpful and many people often put in extra time to help others research their class/spec or help fill in gaps in their gear if need be.

KoS is a large scale multi-gaming mmog clan, and has also achieved many great things on other games.

What do we want?
KoS is currently in search of skilled and committed raiders for 3.3+
We are looking for new recruits to help push through Icecrown Citadel, in preparation for hard modes.
At the moment our primary 25 man group is at 9/12 with Sindragosa, Blood Queen and Lich King remaining.

What is our schedule?
Our raids run three nights a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, starting at 7:30pm (server time) and ending at approximately 11:00pm, give or take depending on the situation. Well written applications will merit a response to have them contact an officer, and will be given a trial invite. The trial process can last up to 3 weeks depending on several factors such as performance, commitment and punctuality. Loot is distributed based on a DKP system, the rules to which are listed on the guild website.

We are mainly in need of:


We will still consider other exceptional applicants for potential standby positions

The following criteria should be considered before applying:

*Able to attend 90% of Raids
*Extensive endgame raid experience, preferably ICC25 experience as well.
*Ability to learn and adapt quickly
*Possess solid gear at least tier 9.5 properly gemmed and enchanted. Tier 10 is preferred and beneficial to your chances.
*Have extensive knowledge of your class and its role in a raid.
*Patience and understanding when dealing with wipes on new content.
*Not have any glaring mental or chemical imbalances.
*Able to take, and absorb criticism, of any capacity.
*Can be prepared and on time for scheduled raids
*Get enjoyment out of raiding, while still being able to focus and perform.

If you are interested in joining the raid team, you can submit an application at:
or on the DKP site itself, at
http://kos.dkpsystem.com/news.php (http://kos.dkpsystem.com/news.php)

Thank you very much for reading.
Please make sure you read the sticky posts on our guild application forums!
Best of luck, And we look forward to hearing from you.