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02-20-2010, 06:24 PM
I am coming off 2 years of semi progressive Grid + Clique healing. 70% of my movement was 100% mouse while the other 30% was mostly keyboard arrows with some mousey movements, to 'finalize position' or tweak position. I used very few macro's other than "Oh Shit". Often times, like many, when in a bad spot I needed to quickly move from I held down both buttons turn my camera to the desired angel and move. Although I understand mechanically speaking this is ineffective it worked for me.

Now, as of 20 days ago I am a tank. I desire to understand mobility, positioning & movement. I have seen the Cind (tankspot) video with this title. Initially I was moving with just the arrows. Learning my talents by using arrow keys was just a 'fail safe method'. I found myself desiring to utilize the keyboard arrows to move. So, I unbound them. MY GOD the first few days of W(forward) A(Left) S(back) D(Right) were amazingly strange. I am trying to teach myself to just use the keyboard. My right/left mouse button spin the camera. R/L mouse + A/D(keyboard) strafe me. I run into issues where I loose sight of the direction I am facing when I am in the middle of 5 mobs. I try to reposition myself so the mobs are all in front of me. HOWEVER! often wind up facing the wrong direction or unable to target. When this happens things sometimes go horribly wrong as I am not able to maintain or control the situation. I also have difficulty pulling mobs together which are initially several yards apart.

There are literally hundreds of keybind movement/'action' or talent threads all over the internet. I know ultimately it is up to what is comfortable for me.

I am absolutely unable to comprehend how I can move, position, strafe and maintain control without using the mouse. However, I am now 100x's less dependent upon the mouse than I was 10 days ago. This ought to be my objective, right? Simply using the keyboard.

Lastly, to clarify, I am moving mostly using the keyboard with my left hand. My right hand is on the mouse to swing the camera and to click the necessary talents. I want to take the left hand and place it on the keyboard, forget about the mouse, and use it to assist with movement while quickly and effectively utilizing key binds. This thought seems alien to my mind, in theory. However, I know it will help.

I just began searching the threads and know possibly I should have looked first prior to posting. However, there is so much information. If there is anything that helped someone in a similar position it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide me with a link or additional information.

Possibly my choice of keyword searches has been incorrect?

Anyhow - OMG HALP! And many thanks in advance!

Edit: I am very confused:
I've read A, W, S D movement is best. But many people seem to have 1,2,3,4 set to keybinds. I assume they are 80% using the mouse. How would I quickly back up or strafe. Although I noticed the recent 1/2 hands on keyboard I have seen quite a few great 'charts' which command both on the keyboard. How do I quickly back up or strafe if I am using the mouse while mashing the 1,2,3,4 keyboard. OMG! I think I would be most effective with two hands on the keyboard. However, I am obviously missing something here.

02-22-2010, 02:38 AM
Personally, I used WASD to move, and Q and E for strafing obviously. I have never been a keyboard turner and I always find that I end up with better control over my character, not only DPSing and healing, but even more so when tanking using my mouse. Holding right click to turn yourself I find I have better precision, though this could be due to the fact that I play First Person Shooters and so my hand eye coordination with the mouse may be a bit more accurate than those who do not. All my abilities that are in my constant rotation, are on my hotbar for 1-6. Anything beyond I am able to take my finger off the mouse for only a moment and click. So in short, I found that a combination of the mouse and WASD along with Q and E ends up being best.

02-22-2010, 08:11 AM
What I have always gone for was something comfortably between using both mouse and keyboard. It is very situational however and know what to use at what time just comes as you play. To feel you need to shun the mouse is silly. I personally have keybinds set to Q and E and strafe using the mouse + A/D. As a prot warrior you should have a ton of binds and need to utilize your keyboard as best you can. As for the adds being hard to control it is a very well known issue. What I always do is gather them up best I can then backpeddle a little at a time. Often I find myself having to reposition on a boss fight because the adds move faster than yourself. It's usually an issue with mobs that have small hit boxes. If the mobs are stunnable I back peddle then shockwave them while I move into position. As a tank using S is still bad unless your positioning mobs delicately, otherwise always strafe.