View Full Version : Druid Lifestealing or Mongoose? Also one other question... hit/exp

02-20-2010, 11:07 AM

I apologize if this specific topic has been covered in this forum. I've used the search function but could not find this topic. If you happen to know where one is, just reply with the link.

So which is "better" for a Bear tank? Lifestealing or Mongoose? I'm relatively new to tanking, but I understand that the big agility proc with Mongoose helps with armor, mitigating damage. But with what seems very common, much of the damage is magic/poisons, so would a Lifestealing enchant help my healers more than the extra armor proc?

Any idea about how much life you get per Lifesteal proc?

My side question: Self buffed in Bear form I have 168 Hit rating and 30 Expertise. I believe I'm technically over the expertise cap, but it seems like all our gear is 'geared' to expertise. But should I be worried about my hit rating? I just replaced my hands/legs with T10 and lost a whole lotta hit. I'm thinking about dropping a glyph for the Taunt Glyph.

Again, sorry if these topics were covered before.

Thanks for any advice/tips/answers!


02-20-2010, 12:37 PM
Blood Draining, not life stealing.

02-20-2010, 04:39 PM
The real question is, how often as a feral are you going below the 35% or w/e mark for blood draining to kick in? I know on my druid I sometimes spike under it but most of the time Im riding over 50% health. Mongoose is a nice chunk of dodge, armor, mitigation (through savage def), and threat and is what I plan on using until they come out with a 80/85 version :)