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02-19-2010, 06:45 PM
Immediate Openings
DK - DPS (Unholy)

<Might> is the top Alliance raiding guild on the Turalyon (PVE) server, and we are currently looking to recruit exceptional players to complete our roster. We are comprised of talented players who have experienced all aspects of the game, and are very knowledgeable of their class and their role in end-game raiding content.

Raid times are 7:30 to 12:00 EST Sunday through Thursday. 80% attendance is *required* to be considered a standing raider in our guild.

Please keep in mind that while we do limit our recruitment, exceptions are commonly made for those who we believe to be exceptional players, even if they are not a class we are currently looking for. That being said, you are encouraged to apply.

Upon joining, new members will go through a 30-day trial period in which we evaluate your overall performance. If you do good and try your best, you have nothing to worry about. During your trial period, if you miss a lot of raids, make a lot of avoidable mistakes, don't pay attention, don't carry out instructions to the best of your ability, or cause shit/drama, you run the risk of having your membership terminated.

All applicants must be level 80 and must be prepared for current content. Members must be able to listen and follow instructions well. Bring your A game to raids, don't ninja afk, don't be continually distracted. Be on time, do not log off before raids are over unless in emergency. Be prepared for mandatory respecs and instant raids for world spawns.

We're rude, vulgar and generally rough around the edges. Ventrilo is required; listening and speaking both mandatory. Please have a mic and be prepared to use it. If you're shy, that's fine, but emergency raid information is best relayed through vent, not chat. If you do not have a thick skin, you will not feel at home, so please do not bother applying. Be prepared to handle what can be considered harsh criticism if you make mistakes. Nobody is perfect and we will work with you to help you improve, but we make sure everybody knows what they are doing wrong.

Do not contact members of the guild to inquire about the status of your app. If you have specific questions that could not be answered by reading our recruitment page, please contact Shandara, ingame on the Turalyon server after 5pm eastern time.

If you wish to apply, please do so at: