View Full Version : ICC 10 Weekly

02-19-2010, 08:43 AM
This week we got the weekly quest in ICC 10 where one has to mix the Orange Blight with the Green Slime. I was on my hunter and on our first wipe of Festergut (really didn't have the dps with us, but we were giving it a try) I feign death and get the Orange Blight on me - surprise. We then decide to run down the hall,, kill Precious, keeping me alive (no small feat since I love kiting the zombie chow, oh such memories), go into Rotface, get me slimed near the back door feign death, wipe the raid and complete the quest.

Much to our surprise - it worked. 5 Frost emblems, 20 gold and some gems.

So how long before that gets "fixed."