View Full Version : Warrior Furry DPS and Arp advice needed

02-18-2010, 11:03 PM
So, see my profile above and tell me what you think. I regemmed full ArP (gonna get Malevolent Girgle today +3 more gem slots), im gonna enchant the bracers with expertise. I've noticed a slight increase in DPS (4-5k now), but I feel that there is room for more.
Tell me what you think about my gear, talents, etc. DPS wise. Thank you very much!

02-19-2010, 11:28 AM
OK first of all good job on gearing you have itemized your warrior very well, probably one of the very few well done armories I have seen in a while. Lets start,

Spec: Looks fine
Glyph: Looks fine.


-> Swap out Ashen verdict rep ring to agility ring, they are better itemized for warrior.
-> If you have the emblems get the agility ring from triumph emblem instead of bloodshed band. plus you need to drop some hit anyways as all you need for fury is 164.
-> I would recommend getting ilvl 245 crafted bracers (titanium spikeguards I believe) they are very well itemized.


1. Change your meta to Relentless Earthsiege Diamond (21 agility + 3% crit), all you need is a nightmare tear to activate it, so you can replace that arpen + stam gem in the chest to pure arpen.
2. I would personally replace all str and expertise gems to arpen to get as close to 53% arpen as you can get.
3. I believe icewalker on boots will give you more dps than 32 AP.