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02-18-2010, 02:27 PM
I realize there's a fair share of threads of The Prince's encounter however I wanted to start a new one to look at my particular issue more directly. We have a Pally tank, A Warrior tank myself, and a Hunter as the tanks. I tank the flame prince, paladin the shock prince, and the hunter the shadow casting prince. The issue comes down to a few things. Sometimes when the hunter tank's target gets empowered he's getting smashed he aims for as many of the purple orbs as he can but sometimes I guess do to the positioning he has a hard time reaching them all and ends up running around the room. And its particularly when he dies and its a wipe pretty much. Also the from the meters I only really see 3 DPS really pushing hard on the boss the other 2 I think are hitting the disco balls. I understand only one should be hitting them probably and I'm ok with that more DPS on the bosses. My question is this since were 3 healing is it possible or in other words easier to have me tank the 2 melee bosses and the pally tank the range the health pool on the paladin I think just gives me the thought that it would be easier for him to take the blows and at the same time improving the DPS. Thanks!

02-18-2010, 03:12 PM
Ok, here's some helpful hints for this fight.

If your geared enough, it's much easier to have 1 tank on the 2 melee and 1 tank on the ranged. #2, pet's are awesome for disco balls, hunter/warlock/dk, just set them to autoattack and gg forget about it.

Personally thats the best advice I can give you rather than trying to teach your hunter how to collect balls.

02-18-2010, 04:42 PM
How does this sound. I'm a protection warrior I also have glyphed 2 minuted shield wall. Here's my idea I'll focus the ranged boss once I do this He gets skulled when hes empowered no issue. I'll charge, intercept, intervene to get to purple orbs. I'll use a throwing weapon to aggro the orbs when hes empowered I'll run up and sunder him up to keep aggro. I'll have the paladin tank take care of the other two targets and that should help I hope if there's something wrong with my strategy let me know. Oh, and below is my raid comp

1.Priest Holy
2.Priest Shadow
3.Shaman Resto
4.Druid Resto
5.Paladin Protection
6.Paladin Ret
7.Warrior Protection
8.Hunter Survival
9. Mage Arcane
10. rogue combat

02-19-2010, 08:48 AM
This is from my experience.. i have two tank toons a DK and War and have completed princes 10/25 on both. If im on my DK I range tank. Since you don't have a DK I wont explain the benefit, plus theres other threads to do that.

When I'm on my War on 10 man I tank the two melee adds and have my pally tank handle the range. I seriously tried a good 10-12 attempts to range tank with my warrior. I simply found that heroic toss's cooldown being to long and ranged weapons not putting enough threat on the Dark Voids to prevent healing agro or melee aoe to rip them off(when empowered and dps switchs to Keleseth).

From what I saw thunderclap, demo shout, shockwave did nothing to help with orbs as they dont seem to have a vertical plane to hit the orbs hovering above me to maintain threat on them.

Now thats just from my experience, but definately should move to the 2 tank method for 10 man. I say give it a shot with yourself on the range tank and the pally and see what works out better for your group.

02-19-2010, 02:11 PM
Last night we downed him for the 2nd consecutive week on 10 man. To make it easier on the hunter if he was on a portion of the room tanks would just taunt the orbs to get them on someone and then he'd shoot them off. I think in the future it'd be really nice to switch to 2 tanks instead of 3 causing for more DPS and a faster fight so many transitions with a 3 tank rotation. I agree with you though GREAT example is rotface similar hindrance on the big ooze you must kite around. I was curious if my ranged abilities would be enough to keep aggro on the purple orbs but yea we got him followed by the easy queen. Next up frost wing :cool: