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02-18-2010, 01:53 PM

Couple frost emblem questions. To begin with, my gloves were not a choice but a drop from the first day of new 25man voa. (lucky i know). Also, I will probably never have the money to buy the +armor crafted pants. First purchases were belt, back, stam trink. I am in a guild that runs 25 man icc and we routinely down saurfang, should get putricide down this week, so I have access to the upgrades. I also run in a 10 man icc. My questions:

1) My worst piece of gear are 226 boots. Where the heck are the tank boots? I can get into some 25 toc pugs and try and get the boots of Lord J, but they arent that big of an upgrade. (6 stamina, 86 armor) 10 man doesnt drop boots until sindragosa and 25 until valithira. Any suggestions?

2) I'm wondering what my next upgrade should be.
Should I save up 125 emblems to buy the saronite for my boots?
Should I upgrade my sigil?
Should I go for a set piece? (head, chest, shoulders, maybe legs) OR should i get the cataclysmic chest?

I know that you may tell me I need to decide whether i want to go for the 4 piece or not. It is not an overiding concern as an extra cd is always nice but its not exactly an op set bonus.

02-19-2010, 06:04 AM
1) Try to get together a 10 ToGC if you have the time (and patience). You have several upgrades in there - boots, ring, and necklace. Other than that, save up for the crafted ones I suppose.

2) I wouldn't recommend saving up the emblems for your boots, it costs much more to get enough saronite to craft something than it does to get pieces directly from the Frost vendor. And of course the sigil isn't much of an upgrade, it only adds up to a small amount of dodge rating. I would definitely go after the 4 piece T10, 12% damage reduction for 10 seconds is a very nice addition to your repertoire. Not an overpowered one true, but still extremely nice. You're also downing Saurfang on a regular basis (and like you said, Putricide soon enough) so you have a good shot at winning one of those marks to upgrade say, your chestpiece or helm. Since you already have nice legs (no homo), I would go after chest helm and shoulders (starting with the chest, since you don't need the defense).

02-19-2010, 07:20 AM
ToGC10 for sure. There drop the heroic version of Awesomeness of Lingering Vortex which is damn near equal the crafted 264 boots. Also the heroic Twins ring is one of the best (though the Clutch you have is close enough).

I've crafted both the legs & the boots. I consider the legs a worthy investment but you say it's out of your budget. If you can get the heroic Sabatons of Lingering Vortex, i'd say the crafted boots really isnt worth the investment either.

With the constant tank changes prevalent in ICC i still cant see the new sigil being better than the one you have.

With the latest boost to the tier chest, i'd say the tier item investment is well worth it. You're good on defense so that should be no problem (seeing also that you're good on expertise, cataclysmic might be a little overkill). However, keep in mind that if you at any point go with the tier chest, crafted legs & boots, your defense will take a HUGE plunge. (This is a problem on my warrior - i cannot use the tier chest without going under the defcap)