View Full Version : Warrior help my arms warrior.

02-18-2010, 03:04 AM
Okay I dont want all these people coming to me and saying oh go fury and shiit I like arms if fits my style.
i know I am under ArP soft capped regemming just waiting for market to go down all the gems going for real expensive. Also I know I am over hit cap waiting for claymore from Icc 10 man so i can drop mark and put on banner of victory.
So I do about 4k-5k dps on raids and I hear people that say dps should be higher for arms warriors. I am just looking for some helpful advice.
Thanks for any advice.

02-18-2010, 03:29 AM
as you say mark of supremecy and get banner of victory from toc 5 man norm
90 arp an 1000ap proc :)
personally id go with banner now and use hit food or something but up to you really

and as you said yourself there is the case for going passive arp
actually your gear is almost identicle to mine.

i dont think 4-5k dps in a 10 man is to far off really.
i have found group makeup can effect it a fair bit but 4-5k aint to shabby at all. like you say get the sword an maybe passive arp if you can get high enough (near to 90%)
the 232 boots from HOR hc with arp on would be nice too