View Full Version : Warrior Prot Gear?

02-17-2010, 10:47 PM

I recently bought Dual spec and started tanking heroics and a couple easy raids. I'm wondering what gear I can shoot for (mostly from Triumph Emblems) that's good to get for Prot. My main spec is Fury, so buying prot gear with Frost Emblems or large amounts of gold is out of the question. Should I just shoot for the T9 set, or are there certain off-set pieces that would be good to get? Are the T9 bonuses worthwhile for Prot?

As far as Prot itemization goes, I don't know all that much. Is there a particular guide that is up to date that I can look at to get a good idea of what to gear/gem/enchant for? I am currently using Ilvl 270 PvP legs off of 25m Toravon for my tanking set, as they have huge amounts of armor and stamina, and enough resilience to make me uncrittable, even though the rest of my gear isn't all up to par. Is this ok, or should I get some leggings intended for tanking?

What should I look for in Trinkets? I think the ones I have currently are pretty good, but are there others that are easily obtainable that I can work towards?

I currently am raiding 25 and 10 man ICC, first wing is on farm in both (plus Fester in 10 man). My guild's tanks are pretty well geared, so I'm starting to get some upgrades from off-spec rolls on gear they don't need.