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02-17-2010, 10:00 PM
Hey Everyone. Okay so I've been searching the forums and I'm having a hard time really finding out where I'm loosing most of my dps. I'm almost positive I'm using the right rotation. Blowing My crit trinket first to fire off starfire and starting with a wrath spam in eclipse, then switching between the two. I'm not pulling nearly enough the second there is the slightest bit of movement. While I know its a HUGE problem for us but even on lady deathwhisper having to move from a DnD is dropping me 1-2k damage. I've been looking into maybe gearing feral. But I'm pushing around 3k on trash, 4-5k on bosses if I'm lucky. I'm getting resto shaman totem buffs *SP* and FM. I know my crit is a bit low but when I have moonfire or IS up the idol brings me quickly to 36.9% crit.


Thats my tankspot. If anyone has any advice to what I may be doing wrong please let me know.

02-18-2010, 10:31 AM
You're trash DPS in ICC is going to be weak regardless. Even speced into Gale Winds (and in 5/5 T10) you still won't be able to compete with good Death Knights (particularly Unholy), Retribution Paladins, and Rogues. Not speced into Gale Winds you're not going to be able to do much at all for trash DPS though this talent is taken as an optional talent when other points are freed up, you don't necessarily spec for trash DPS but you may choose to spec into it rather than the extremely low valued Brambles and Genesis talents.

Right now your spec has one glaring issue, emphasis on mana efficiency beyond what you would still need. To give you some idea of how crazy this is, one retribution paladin can supply you with Blessing of Kings, Replenishment, and Heart of the Crusader. Just the synergy provided by that one person increases your time until you go out of mana (innervating yourself) from 6 minutes to 55 minutes. When you run into an hour long boss fight, you let me know (even Kael'thas didn't talk that long).

You should drop 2 points of Moonglow.
You should drop 3 points of Dreamstate.
You could drop 1 point in Balance of Power (if you raid with a Draenei in your party then you are over hit cap by more than 2%). Optional.

You should pick up 3 points of Improved Insect Swarm. +112 DPS self buffed.
You should pick up 1 point in Starfall. +83 DPS self buffed.
You could pick up 2 points in Gale Winds. Optional.

Your spec now should look more like this...
http://www.wowarmory.com/talent-calc.xml?cid=11&tal=5012203125331303213305311131000000000000000000 000000000000205003012000000000000000000
http://www.wowarmory.com/talent-calc.xml?cid=11&tal=5012203125331303113305311231000000000000000000 000000000000205003012000000000000000000
Depending on if you run 2 points in Balance of Power or 2 points in Gale Winds.

That takes care of your spec.

Both of the trinkets you are currently using are quite weak for a Balance Druid. A trinket which benefits crit is only usable during a Wrath heavy part of your rotation. The Intellect trinket is also very weak because the passive benefit is relatively worthless. You should have almost infinite mana in a raiding situation alread even without that 128 intellect.
Ideally trinkets for a Balance druid should have a passive effect of Spellpower, Crit, Hit, or Haste. On use trinkets are ok, however anything with an on use is only viable at certain points in your dps phases unless the use effect is spellpower. Ideal trinkets for a balance druid are typically procing trinkets with stacking benefit or spellpower and static amounts of spellpower, crit, or haste for an on equip effect.

You ready for some ground breaking revelations for you? Sundial of the Exiled (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=40682) is significantly better than Talisman of Resurgence (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=48724). That's right, an item level 200 trinket that you can buy for 40 Emblems of Heroism is better than an item level 245 trinket you can buy with 50 Emblems of Triumph. Crit has nearly double the value of intellect point for point, and the actual spellpower gain is almost identical, however even in that case the item level 200 trinket still wins. This is a common mistake so many make, buying items that are very bad.

Some trinkets that are better than what you have.
http://www.wowhead.com/?item=45466 (if used during Starfire Eclipse)

On your Idol. You bought the best idol. I have nothing to say about that other than you wasted your Emblems of Frost. Can't do anything about that now. You gain about 20 DPS over what you would have with the Emblem of Triumph idol. Emblems of Frost should go towards tier pieces first. Two piece tier 10 is better than four piece tier 9, so it makes sense to break the set. Four piece tier 10 is better than two piece tier 9, so it makes sense to go for all 4 pieces first. Buy your tier pieces, the set bonuses and item upgrades are more important.

Two mistakes made here.
First, you're exhalted with the Kirin Tor, why do you have the weaker head enchant? Get the good one.
Second, and on a very similar theme, you're exhalted with Sons of Hodir, why do you have the weaker shoulder enchant? Get the good one.

Lots of mistakes being made here.

Lets start with the pants. And allow me to put this as delicately as I can... what were you thinking?
You have a purple gem in a red socket, and a red gem in a blue socket. You fail to meet the socket bonus even when the gems you are using could have met it. That's 7 free spellpower just because you have the right gems in the wrong sockets.

Alright, your meta selection is correct, it should always be Chaotic Skyflare Diamond. Because of that you will always need at least two blue gems which should be met with Purified Dreadstones. In your current gear, they should be in your legs and chest because those have a socket bonus of 7 or more.

Here are some very rough guidelines for you.
If the socket bonus is 5 spellpower (1 socket item), you can afford to put in a Potent Ametrine to meet a yellow socket need. A blue socket wouldn't be worth it and you would use Runed Cardinal Ruby instead.
If the socket bonus is 7 spellpower (2 socket item), you can afford to put in a Purified Dreadstone (provided the other socket is red and will use a Runed Cardinal Ruby).
If the socket bonus is 9 spellpower (meta + 1), you should use a Runed Cardinal Ruby (red), Potent Ametrine (yellow) or Purified Dreadstone (blue) depending on the socket color.
If the socket bonus is 9 spellpower (3 socket item), if it is 2 red and 1 other or 1 red and 2 yellow you can meet the socket bonus by using Runed Cardinal Ruby (red), Potent Ametrine (yellow) or Purified Dreadstone (blue). If the item has one of each color or more than one blue socket, Runed Cardinal Ruby should be used in all sockets.
For any socket bonus that is not spellpower, ignore it and always use Runed Cardinal Ruby.

With this in mind...

Replace Runed Cardinal Ruby with Potent Ametrine. DPS gain.
Replace Runed Cardinal Ruby with Potent Ametrine. DPS gain.
Already gemmed optimally.
Already gemmed optimally.
Gems need to switch sockets. Purified Dreadstone in blue socket. Runed Cardinal Ruby in red socket. DPS gain.
Already gemmed optimally.

DPS Phases
Your single target DPS, self buffed, against a raid boss target dummy should be closer to 5k. When you are raid buffed it should be much higher. Your lack of DPS seems to indicate that you maybe don't fully understand the balance dps phases.


Please read the information I've already provided over in this other post, it provides a breakdown and a video demonstration of a 3.3 balance druid rotation properly executed. You may also want to check out the linked EJ post as well for more reference. Balance DPS is phased, not a rotation so much. I suspect you need more practice. You should be able to walk up to a training dummy and do about 5k (without making any of the above changes even). If you can't master your dps phases on a training dummy, you won't preform well on fights which involve movement, retargeting, and other mechanics to be aware of.