View Full Version : US [H-Mal'Ganis] <Seraph> Late-Night guild recruitment! 12AM EST-3AM EST Th/Sun/Mon

02-16-2010, 03:45 PM
Night owl? Evening job? Wacky timezone? We're the guild for you!

<Seraph> is a late-night guild focused on progressing through all of ICC. Currently, we've cleared all of the Plagueworks and are working hard on Blood-Queen Lanathel. We are one of the top late-night guilds in the US, playing on the most progressed server in the country. We offer a light raid week of Thurs/Sun/Mon, with an added hour of farm content on Tuesdays. We run multiple 10-man groups on Tuesdays as well, and provide a stress-free environment both in and out of raids.

We provide Fish Feasts as well as flasks for all progression content, and run with a simple silent-bid DKP system. We also have a simple officer regiment of 2 melee officers, 2 ranged officers, and 2 healing officers. Most of our guild members are college students or working professionals, and our raiding environment reflects this. Our raids are devoid of yelling, raging, and we focus on keeping our guild name well-respected on our server.

Currently, we're in need of:

Holy Pally
Prot Paladin

As always, we accept exceptional applicants of any class, so please feel free to drop a line! If you have any questions, whisper Drypaint, Ederial, Naxidus, Viventa, or Devour on Mal'Ganis Horde to get some answers. To apply, fill out our very simple application at seraphguild.guildlaunch.com.