View Full Version : Warrior Getting back on to the saddle

02-16-2010, 12:42 PM

I recently took a 6 month pause from wow and tanking and I'm trying to get back. The thing is I don't seem to have any clue about stats and specs anymore.

Here's my armory http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Saurfang&cn=Eleria

I heard that I should get more block because the bosses hit hard and that would up my survival, is this correct? And should I still maintain expertise soft cap and hit cap if I need to gem for those or just stack stamina?

The plan would be to start tanking Ulduar.

02-17-2010, 08:44 AM
From what I understand block is good, but never go for it. Most people just socket stam these days. As for hit/exp, try to get for the 26 exp soft cap. With hit rating, it's not as important. You'll get enough off gear alone. If you have a fight where you need to make sure taunts will land, just glyph for it for that fight.