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I'm guessing this is a universal problem, but maybe it's just something happening on my realm. Ever since 3.3 hit, Gearscore has become the be-all end-all governing statistic in forming a PUG. Want to run a ToC 25 PUG on an alt? He better have a 5200 GS or he's not getting invited. Want to run ICC 25 on an alt? He better have a 5400+ GS or he's not getting invited! People have forgotten that skill and knowing your class are more important than what gear you're wearing. It gets really frustrating for an alt-aholic like myself (and others in my guild) who has 4-5 geared toons but can't get into any PUG runs because my gearscore is too low (even though I could pull 6k dps on any of them just fine).

Has anyone else run into the problem? Have you found a better way to deal with it other than to lead the PUG yourself? One of the main reasons I PUG is that I can sit back and relax and not worry about leading the raid. Do you think the days of getting into a PUG easily are done with? Or is this just a fad?