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02-15-2010, 02:40 PM
Hello fellow warriors:

I wanted to get some advice from some experienced warriors out there on how I should start gearing as a fresh 80. I'm have already attained the entire 8/8 saronite crafted set that I can start wearing at 74-78.
I'm going to enchant defense/exp/stam to each spot available (in that order?)

this SHOULD put me over 475 before even hit 80.
That being said....

What should I be looking to acquire as I start accumulating emblems?
My main question is... should I ride my saronite set as long as possible and use emblems for gearing the rest of me? (ie. rings/trinks/neck/ranged)...
or should i, first start replacing my saronite stuff and then come back for the rings/trinks/neck?
http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47678 first?
http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47699 second?
then legs/hands/chest?

or what should i do here?
any tips/suggestions are welcome.
Thanks in advance

02-15-2010, 04:33 PM
The saronite set is totally fine. If you can craft the epic boots, helmet, shield and tank gun then you are golden. Those epics can last you a long time so I would pick up everything else first. If you can get hold of a jewel crafter he can also help you. They can craft stuff with sockets which would amount to amazing levels of health(for starter gear). Your avoid levels should be enough for heroics.

You will be so sic of the sight of your cloak, boots and wrists. The ILvl213 cloak doesn't cost too many badges but the ilvl213 wrists are expensive(and BoP, so if your main has 60 spare badges; they will have to last you a long time).

If you want to spend money and your main has badges for orbs then I would totally advise to get the iLvl245 craftables(chest and wrist). Those will see you well into ICC.

I wouldn't spend too much on trinkets. It will take you 2 days of intensive tanking to get you seriously geared for ToC5 normal mode. There you will stay until you have the black heart. The other trinket tends to take care of itsself. I would buy the ilvl245 Glyph of Indom. This is also a good combination that will see you into ICC. If you don't plan on raiding then avoid trinkets are totally fine. But there is one that drops in PoS/heroic and the Onyxia head trinket is the mother of avoid trinkets. It is very nice.

There are a couple of nice tank drops in the ICC instances on normal mode. But if you intend to farm those then you should definitely gun for the shield in HoR normal mode. That's the best shield you can get outside of raiding. And don't go all T9 if you plan on wearing the crafted chest. You can get iLvl245 head&shoulders for badges. They are also very nice.

Frost badges should go into cloak and belt first. They will stay with you until Cata hits. The jury is still out on wether the iLvl264 tank trinket is actually worth the badge investment when frost badges are in short supply.

If your def ratings don't object then you can also spend the money in the strength version of the Dalaran ring. It has nice stamina and expertise on it. But you can get a ring in heroic ToC/5 with a blue gem slot and there are badge rings. Just saying. It's another way to get your expertise rating up. And IMHO not even a bad way.

02-16-2010, 09:45 AM
wow, excellent post. Thanks a lot for your quick response, and I will definitely be using this to work my way through early 80 gearing! :) My char has TONS of mining mats (and friend is BS), so i should be able to come away with some of the epic crafted defense gear (boots, helmet, shield, gun, as you said). So, whatever crafted stuff I can get (200+ above) I will probably get first, and just work on spending my emblems on things as i need them in (what comes next) fashion. Thanks again for your post.

After I get my initial "heroics geared" when I can run randoms, the emblems should just be flowing in. I hear tanks/healers can rack up emblems extremely fast... can't wait to get this dude geared. I haven't had so much fun in this game since I started leveling this warrior tank. w00t!

...thx again

02-16-2010, 10:53 AM
Just to add to Mael's good advice.

A JC has additional value. Aside from prospecting your ore into gems, which they can transmute into rare quality gems once a day, they can also craft a tanking neck and ring which is actually quite decent. Between the helmet/shield/boots from a smith, gun from eng, and neck/ring from the JC, you have a great head start on your epic gear.

The downside to this whole plan is the titanium requirements. This is where you take an alchemist, chain him to the Dalaran anvil and have him continuously transmute 8 saronite bars into 1 titanium bar. Save whatever titanium ore for the JC to prospect, you can get epic gems there and the powder sell for good money on the AH (or trade with the JC for goodie). Alchemists can also xmute rare quality gems + eternals into epic gems, but only once a day, be prepared to tip him heavily (proceeds from selling powder on AH??).