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02-14-2010, 02:34 PM
LAST RIGHTS is an upcoming raiding guild on the Gorefiend US server. We are looking to progress in multiple 10 man as well as 25 man ICC content. At the moment we have one core 10m group and run 25's with a sister guild, easily capable of clearing first wing ICC.

Our raid times are varied as we have mainly older, casual members who tend to be on later. The times we try to run are : (Scheduled to change depending on what's on and who's ready)

Tuesday - 8-9 server to midnight server
Wed - 8-9 server to 11-midnight server
Thurs - OFF (May raid, may not)
Friday - OFF (Again may possible do something depending on #'s )
Saturday - 8-9 server to 1am Server
Sunday - 8-9 server to Midnight server
Monday - OFF (Will fit in old raids here usually)

Our progression so far :
ICC 25 - 4/12
ICC10 - 5/12
ToC10 - Farm

We are looking into doing more 25's on our own, as well as ToGC.

Loot System is a Nee Before Greed/ Main Spec priority though this could change depending on how serious we get into the raid game.

We are recruiting all roles, specifically ranged and holy/disc priests and other heals.

Have vent and are a mature, friendly atmosphere. if your looking to progress, and are interested, from the Gorefiend server, PM me or look for me in game, PST to Khazzeron, Vamperia, or Vampsoul.

Thanks all and good luck =)