View Full Version : 25 Ony 50 whelp spawn

02-13-2010, 10:46 PM
Tried this achievement tonight during an Onyxia 25 man run and the achievement is to spawn 50 whelps 10 seconds before she goes into the air. We had two tanks jump down into the cages and they came out with so many about 8 people in the raid lagged out from AoE spells going off. Apparently there were over 100 whelps with the spawns plus what was intentionally pulled, so we just had one tank go into the cage and pull out a bunch which seemed like 50 but it turns out we didn't get the achievement despite there being more than 60 whelps at one time. Is this achievement bugged or did we not have enough whelps out in time for the boss to go up in the air? When is the best time to pull them out?