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02-12-2010, 11:42 AM
Got to be doing something wrong =\. (Insert diatribe about how lesser geared pally can coast through fester 3 stacks after I die at 2...or lesser geared pally can handle 7 ToGC Gormok marks when my health bar is jumping around like crazy with 2)

Looking for any suggestions to improve my survivability. Specifically gear choices, talents (my 15/3/53), glyphs...not so much chants (unless you have an opinion on blooddrain vs bladeward) Thank you.

+10 hit+15stam activates stam bonus and hit is a bit low
shoulders replaced soon with 251 tier and will have the resilience chant
Farming to save up for bladeward and stam to shield (yes I'm broke...don't judge me =\)


02-12-2010, 12:00 PM
The only changes I would make is the pvp enchant to your shoulders, 225 armor to your cloak, Mongoose to weapon, all stamina in shield, 30 stamina in your gloves and switch your Band of the Traitor King to Cluth of Fortification. You should be fine I think the main thing is that you aren't using your cooldowns correctly, using an Indestructible Potion helps also, for example on Festergut use minor cooldowns on Inhale 2 and major on 3 and on Gormok use your cooldowns right before impale on stack 2-3. Do you have any World of Logs or WoM parses that I could see?

02-12-2010, 12:48 PM
You have about the same stam as our MT for ICC 25. Your dodge & parry aren't too far behind him either. What stands out is you have about 4000 less armor.

Looking at the armor the three biggest differences I see are his T10 chest vs your Brestplate of the White Knight, his T10 gloves vs your T9 and his Pillars of Might vs your Legplates of Feverish Dedication. So I would think getting the legs crafted would be an easy upgrade for 1336 more armor. The ilevel 251 T10 chest would give you 1117 more armor. The ilevel 251 T10 will give you another 916 armor.

And what krc said about using your CDs at the right time. That includes telling your healers when their CDs are needed as well.

02-13-2010, 07:13 PM
I agree with tankette, you and i are geared almost the exact same way (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Mok'Nathal&cn=Amaranthine)

Communication is key, once i get two stacks i pop shield block, and rotting thumb if i need it. At three stacks, i blow shield wall, telling helaers in vent i'm using it, when shield wall has three seconds our priest gives me pain suppresion, he counts that down to me, and when pain has 2 seconds left, i pop last stand, goes without a hitch :)

02-14-2010, 02:55 PM
Change your shoulder enchant to the pvp one (more EH).

Change your cloak enchant to armor (more EH). Your no where near the defense floor so this will add to your survivability.

Enchant your weapon with something; preferably Blood Draining (only EH weapon enchant).

Get an enchant on your shield. I recommend 18 stam.

I don't socket for socket bonus'. I personally use one purple gem to activate my meta, it's in my helmet (a red slot) to get a +12 stamina bonus. It's the only gem that isn't a solid sapphire (+30 stam). Since your helmet is not a red socket, I'd place the purple gem in either your chest plate or your legs to get a +9 stam socket bonus, once you pick-up the tier helm place your one purple gem there (you'll get a +12 bonus vs. +9). I'd use expertise / stam before dodge /stam.

EH is the best way to increase your survivability.; regemming / enchanting in this fashion will yield you ~88 stamina, or ~930 hp's /w kings and vitality, and 225 armor; at a loss of 20 hit rating (~.5% hit) and a loss of 65 dodge rating. As your probably into the dodge DR, you'll lose ~1.1% dodge. You'll also see a slight drop in avoidance in addition to that (~0.1%) from losing some defense.

A trade off I'd make any day.