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02-11-2010, 11:28 PM
Anieladys prot paladin is Looking for a new place to call home, some info about misself, my sistem, and my experience as tank

Vanilla - i didnt play in vanilla i started WoWing at the begining of BC due to a friend of mine who used to play
Bc - Full T4 content cleared multiple times, Title "Champion of the Naaru" pre-nerf, T5 cleared multiple times BT cleared multiple times, against illidian, i server as a fire tank and MT, several times, Title "Hand Of A'dal" "blessed medallion of carabor" pre-nerf, Sunwell up to twins, (by this point, most of the core in guild was on vacations pre xpansion and so the guild needed to merge whit another to do Sunwell, but the other guild's GM was a pally tank, therefore i didnt get the chance to really clear Sunwell)

LK - Full cleared naxx in both 10 and 25 modes several times, Sarth and Maly death, during this time i got hacked, so i get gearless for like 3 weeks, when i finally got my gear back after 2 weeks got hacked again ( I know what ur tinking, but yeah i reinstaled my SO, formated my PC completly, changed my email, addres and all but still got pawned again :(, so sad) so i decided to take it as a signal and toke a break on wow, about 2 months aggo i came back but of course my spot was taken, i have a 5.7k GS drood which is my current raider on the guild, but to be hones all i want to do is Tank, i love my pally, is my main, always been, i know all the rules, stats conversion, regulations and everything i need to know about the pallys in his 3 specs, right now i didnt put holy on the title cause i dont have the gear for it, but i have gear for Prot being this last my main spec, and ret.

Armory link - http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Uldum&cn=Anieladys
as u can see (deppending on the date u look at my armory) i have 2 tanking specs active, thats cause i like to play a lot whit diferent gears, specs, talents, and all, i change it a lot, when i feel its not as solid as use to be, also im always looking for some adventure, i like titles, pets, rare mounts, all i can do to be happy whit my main.

About me - I dont care about wipes, idc about gold in game, idc about almost any as long as it means better gear and progress, the real season i came back was to see the last fight, which currently i cant cause my 10 ICC group is unconsistent and thats a thing i dont like on wow players, i understand RL is first in all sense and all matters, but its not they not showing on, its that we 1 shoot fester this week, and then we wipe 25 times on him next one.
I consider misself a lill hardcore player, its because of this i beccome a donor of this awesome web, cause his movie guides are just flawless, they tech me a lot, i usually FRAPS my encounters on progression nights, and review them over and over to see the tiniest fail on the pull, the kitting (if theres one) the tanking, etc, in order to improve my tanking skills and so the progress of the guild, i also like to post the vids whit my own comments about what i see on my guild website, so we all can share thoughts and feelings about the fight, and the content.

Guild History - Ive been on some High end content guilds on uldum, Avatars of destruccion (splutt - class leader), Rapid Succesion (Soulghost - GM ) Scootypuff JR, always trying at my best to help, guild in RL and Virtual.

System - I have a heavy machine steady internet conection, i use my machine to 3D modeling and dessign.

Im currently alliance and on uldum server, but if u can tempt me whit some nice goodies ^^ im willing to switch servers and faction if needed, i can download mods as needed, adjust to any Loot system the guild is currently workign whit, and i can make almost any raid time, im on central time so im 2 hours ahead of almost all US servers, but i can go as long as 2am my own time meaning midnight ST, the school prevent me from being online beffore 10ish ST but aside from food timez, im open during that time to do whatever is needed and wanted, heroics spam, 10's, 25's, old content,etc.

TYVM for reading my apply, u can contact me either in game mail or wisper, or u can send me a PM via this web, and we can chat some more, take it easy ppl

Anieladys, Human paladin, Uldum.