View Full Version : Bridging the gap from 25 Normal to 25 Heroic... How?

02-11-2010, 05:19 PM
Hey all, I'm posting because I really need some help with my current guild situation. I've spoken with my guild officers and we've wasted countless hours talking about this, and I'm looking elsewhere for some advice. The main issue we're having is progressing in 25 Heroic Modes.

We are #2 Alliance on our server, which is like mid 4000's World rank. We've cleared Yogg 25, some of the Ulduar Hardmodes, and we cleared 4/5 Heroic 25 ToC. We cleared Yogg before ToC came out, but most of the Ulduar Hardmodes were done in 245 gear. We did clear 3/5 Heroic 25 ToC pre-ICC, and we haven't really gone back too much to progress in there.

Over the past year, we've had a real strong group of 17-20 awesome raiders... and the other 5-7 fill the gaps. They are decent players, but some of the struggled to get out of Gormok's Snobold Fire, run from Icehowl without the speed buff, and run away from the Warrior in Faction Champs on Heroic. Heroic 25 is just not their strong suit. The 20 strong raiders have gotten ToC 10 Heroic cleared with Skill, and got our Ulduar Drakes. We can also go into ICC 10 man and rock BQL/Putri in one attempt every week. The skill is there for most of us.. just not 25 of us.

We've killed Putricide once, and haven't killed BQL on 25. We struggle with Putricide every week still, and same with BQL. We're able to clear the other bosses easily, but the harder bosses which require much SKILL, are issues for us. At this rate, we will not be able to progress in 25 Heroic. We struggled on Northrend Beasts heroic for the longest time, and we will probably do the same with Marrowgar Heroic.

We've identified the people who fail, and know who we need to replace. I have 3 recruitment officers working their ass off recruiting on the WoW forums, and on realm looking for replacements for these people, but recruitment is slow. We just can't get enough and better skilled players to fill out those spots. Part of me wants to just remove the problem people, but then I think about the next week of raiding. How will we continue to raid if we do not have people to fill in the 25? Those problem players are filling the spots, and we need them in order to raid.

So.. how do we bridge the cap from normal 25 to heroic? No doubt other guilds have faced this issue, what have you done? Help would be awesome!!

02-21-2010, 05:35 PM
Seems to me there's only really two ways of dealing with it.
You can either talk to them and tell them that you might have to replace them if they keep performing below the other players, and if you're lucky, they might improve when they're risking losing their regular raids.
Or you can just wait for your recruitment to be successfull, and replace them at that point.

Either way I'm sure you'll end up recruiting some players, which is a pain.

Good luck though.

02-23-2010, 12:12 AM
Agree with Winterfrost. Speak to them and see if replacing them will be enough incentive for them to up their game.

You can also pug one or two of the spots. You might be pleasantly surprised.